The Snooker Coaching Tools That Make It Impossible For Any Snooker Problem To Survive…

(…Special Launch Offer This Week) This material is filmed mainly at IBSF Master Coach and Coach Examiner training events.
As such, this is the first time this content has been seen outside seminars costing £2,000 or more.
This course comprises about 10 hours of exclusive online video and other files.
This online video collection will also be added to as time goes on.

Here is a sample video from some of the content covering how to play ‘Straight Long Pot Stop Shots’! (…look out for the part where we try to catch a fly that lands on the cushion!..)

(The actual online videos are larger than this video and will fill your screen more – the video below is split into 3 short segments with the menu on the left side of the screen).




The contents of the snooker coaching home study course include:

The Snooker Gym’s ‘Perfect Snooker Lesson Process Map’ video collection.

The filming was done at an IBSF Coach Examiner training that I led (which at today’s prices will cost £4,290 to attend). I am discussing with the Examiners present each point mentioned below as part of their training.

This module includes the perfect coaching lesson map in printable ‘PDF’ format.

Coming up with this concept could only really be done after I had spent about £40,000 attending various training courses myself that helped me understand what really worked and what didn’t in the learning process.

You can apply this perfect lesson map to yourself when working on any problem of your own, or use it to help others in their game – whether they are an absolute beginner or a world champion.

The topics here go through all the following modules over 2 hours of online video, and include:

Needs Analysis:

  • Whether you are helping others or helping yourself, knowing what you want and why you want it is vital – this module shows you how.

Client Skills:

  • Rapport and communication skills
  • How to set meaningful targets
  • Finding out where the client is now
  • Plotting the path to their ultimate target
  • What to do with the problem BEFORE you begin tackling it!
  • The biggest mistake comes from assuming one common issue when listening to your own or others mistakes.
  • 3 questions to help you be absolutely sure you are on the right track.
  • The 2 types of ‘mind reading’ – both of which shipwreck any chances you or the student have on progress!

Shaking The Problem Up:

  • How to get yourself or the student laughing – and uncovered here is the most powerful thing they can laugh at when working on their game…
  • The totally unexpected type of coaching behavior that can work wonders…
  • How sarcasm can work, and the way it definitely DOESN’T work…
  • The most common thinking problem that you can ever have about your problem is…
  • ‘Secondary gain’, what it is, how it can be used, and the best ways to find it in yourself and others…

Your Toolbox Of Snooker Coaching Techniques:

  • What a shopping list can do for you in snooker.
  • How to find areas to improve – even if you think you or your student is perfect!
  • How to work out exactly WHAT you need to improve in your game and what you do NOT need…
  • A full description of the main tools that can be utilized to dissolve any snooker problem.
  • How to detect if even the best player in the world is applying their basics properly.
  • Where you can find an unlimited supply of practice routines to improve any area of your game.
  • 13 Coaching Principles That Can Change The Snooker World!
  • Psychology masterclass – how to help a player mentally get through any snooker situation with the maximum possible mind poise. This is what Sir Jackie Stewart, three time Formula 1 World Champion, calls ‘Mind Management’.

Planning Your Lesson (these techniques work almost as well applied to yourself as they do applied to another player that you may be helping):

  • How to best plan (and how best NOT to plan!) a snooker lesson.
  • What to look out for in your student.
  • The very simple method to know for certain what the correct thing to work on is…
  • More importantly, knowing what the WRONG things would be to work on…
  • How to double check you have the best area of the game to work on.
  • The difference between the ‘Parent’ problem and the ‘Child’ problem in a players game, and why going after the correct one of these can get you the best results five times faster than using the wrong one.
  • How to know if you are going to ‘Overload’ a player in advance BEFORE you do it – so that you can avoid doing it!
  • What to do mentally before you implement the plan you have come up with – doing this alone can double the time you spend on some parts of the session, quarter the time of others but will certainly improve your results and the speed at which you get them. All for a few seconds careful thought…

Delivering The Goods:

  • The SINGLE thought that you MUST hold in your mind that can guarantee your success OR your failure (HINT: most people use the power of this single thought to guarantee failure in their game!)
  • What to do with your EMOTIONS – equally as important as the point above, and equally powerful in its ability to get or destroy results.
  • The 3 most powerful tools ever devised to deal with a session that is not going well. These will not only give you huge confidence to deal with any situation in your own game, but also in anyone else’s game. (NOTE: these tools are also extremely valuable in life and knowing them just to apply in your own like could make the cost of this course pay for itself many times over).

Also included in the online video snooker coaching home study course are 8 hours of video covering modules from a IBSF Master Coach seminar training up to 9 coaches.

These videos include demonstration from myself, some explanations, coaching exercises and actual interventions of player problems live in front of the camera.

The topics covered here include the following:

  • The hidden reason why it is important to be able to demonstrate something that is uncomfortable for you.
  • ‘Body Priorities’ and how they are important in knowing what to work on in your own game and that of students who need help – whether they be beginners or professionals.
  • When to stop pushing and know that there is no need for coaching or ‘improvement’
  • How to pitch your solution depending on your own, or your student’s, standard.
  • How to deal with difficult students.
  • Screw back mastery.
  • ‘The Snooker Parent’ syndrome, and how to build a set of rules to avoid this.
  • The best possible kind of relationship to have with the ‘Worst Case Scenario’…
  • ‘Talking To The Toilet’ – how to get your message across to a player in ten seconds or less.
  • How humming can radically transform the quality of your cueing and your game.
  • The perfect cue backswing…
  • The perfect cue delivery…
  • ‘Coaching By Questions’ Vs ‘Coaching By Orders’ – which is best (or rather WHEN is each one best?)
  • ‘The Finger Flower’ and how it can help the worst screw back player in the world transform their screw shots in a matter of minutes.
  • ‘Aiming Anomalies’, and when you need to just ignore them…
  • A great exercise that DELIBERATELY causes discomfort in a player – but in fact can guide you to the biggest issue in their game in seconds…
  • Separating the backswing from the delivery – just like the pro’s do but just how the amateurs never do!
  • ‘The Drag Shot’ explained once and for all!
  • How a player can get to know in less than two minutes how they aim their best shots.
  • Why deliberately touching the cue ball is ‘The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’!
  • The variables in your game that can DESTROY your ability to aim and pot with side spin.
  • How to pot long straight pots, and stop the cue ball over distance with the ease of the professionals (and when it is NOT possible to do so)
  • How to catch a fly on the side of the table (if you read this one, you really are reading this page very thoroughly and may be very curious to see how this happens in the video!)
  • Why learning aiming by SOUND is so important…
  • THE MOST DIFFICULT PART IN SNOOKER COACHING AND SNOOKER LESSONS IN NIC’S OPINION – the eyes, what they do, and how to get them into a good, simple, effective rhythm in a wide variety of players.
  • The MASSIVE MISCONCEPTIONS about playing from the blue to a pink when on a clearance – plus how & why to banish these ideas to the past forever!
  • Your hardest problem in the game – and how to solve it simply and quickly.
  • When to deliberately PROVOKE A PLAYER – sometimes anger is better than some types of negative emotion. Knowing when to0 get it from your student can be invaluable.
  • Your Life’s Purpose (an unexpected bonus from taking this course that could be worth millions to you financially and emotionally!)
  • ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ in snooker…
  • ‘How To Help A Player Win A World Championship’ – a case study of Nic’s experience in doing just that (this module could be worth just on its own, more than the entire cost of the whole course).

So, “How Much”?

  • These online videos will be added to as time goes on and as I create more video content. I have seen at least two more hours of IBSF Coach Examiner course content in my archive that I need to encode and put up in the next few weeks. (The price may also go up even more as I add more content which is another reason to buy early if you can…)
  • You will gain instant access to the content as soon as you have paid – you will immediately be sent an email link with a user name and password unique to you to gain access to the materials right now.
  • The beauty of this system is that it costs less to you as you don’t have to pay for discs and printing an postage, but you can also watch these videos wherever you are in the world – and whenever you want to (assuming you have an internet connection).