‘Secret Snooker Skills’

All the snooker playing insights you always wanted, but that the top pro’s and coaches never told you…

Over 27 hours and 28 minutes worth of never before seen DVD-ROM multi media content that will dissolve the biggest problems in your game – and leave you feeling masterful in your knowledge of snooker.


Brand New Product:



Now you can really watch, listen and read your way to your best potential in the game!…

This brand new multi media product contains 12 DVD-ROM discs with over 27 hours 28 minutes worth of video & audio content that that can be played on any PC or Mac – as well as being imported into portable video players / Ipods /Ipads etc

Each of the 12 discs (sent to you by post anywhere in the world) contain world leading video analysis applied to amateur players.

Each disc also has bonus materials that contain audio files of me in real live coaching calls with clients that have been recorded for your benefit.

In addition there is also a written document in every disc, each of which contains invaluable information on different key aspects of the game – all gleaned from the years of my coaching experience that have made creating these products possible.

Finally there are some bonus materials I have not mentioned here that makes the whole package even more worthwhile than you otherwise think it is…

See below to find some free samples of these ‘Secret Snooker Skills’ bonus’s…


Secret Snooker Skills Part 1:

Dartfish Video Analysis Of Amateur Players –

One Video For Each Of The 12 DVD-ROM discs.

The next video featured in each of the 12 discs is a Dartfish Analysis of one of my amateur clients.

This is more focused on technique than the analysis videos of top professionals.

As such, I usually film my player in the key positions they need to improve before we start our coaching session.

This is usually between 10 and 20 shots played by them and recorded by me to highlight their faults.

We then do our coaching session, and I film the same aspects of their technique.

So like a ‘Before & After’ video.

I then run both through the Dartfish software, making my comments and verbal analysis alongside the drawings & marks on the screen to further illustrate the learnings.

In many ways, you can learn much more about the game, and particularly your own performance, by watching these videos than the analysis of top professionals.

The reason for this is because I totally focus in on very specific factors in my clients game that simply cannot be achieved from television recordings.

In addition, most of my clients who purchase products are amateurs, so they will be able to relate to what is going on in these videos much more than by watching a professional playing – who to be honest will not bear much relevance to or have much in common with an amateur player in their mechanics or cueing.

At the end of the day, you can only learn so much by watching people do what you will be doing at the end of a long path to improvement. Sometimes, you just need to see someone else who is where you are, being taken through their improvement process to gauge how you should now be taking those exact same steps…

Here is a sample Dartfish Analysis of an amateur – the last two of the four clips show a very interesting and unbelievably good, brand new training device called the 360 Pure Cue.

I interview the 360 Pure Cue creator Neil Johnson in the MP3 Audio section of ‘Secret Snooker Skills’ …

(You can scroll down further to the MP3 audio section to discover more about these interviews, which I have included as a bonus in disc numbers 11 & 12…)

4 Dartfish Analysis Videos Of Terry. Clicking here now will open a new page for viewing the videos…

As in the professional video analysis section, I have provided a description below of each topic covered in the analysis of the client from disc 1, Marko.

DVD-ROM Disc 1:

Dartfish Video Analysis Of Nic’s Client, Marko: 94 minutes.

  • How to keep on the line of aim as you go down
  • How to move the cue straight and without any twisting – in one simple step
  • How to achieve a professional cue action
  • The perfect backswing, discovered
  • The perfect follow through, mastered
  • The perfect screw back, played
  • How to perform the four methods of playing the cue ball from the cushion
  • Getting into the best possible stance for you
  • The six secrets of television standard rest play

In addition, there are in total 12 Dartfish Analysis videos of amateurs across the 12 Secret Snooker Skills DVD-ROM discs.

These cover all the following key subjects and more:

  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Dealing With Pressure
  • Cueing Straight
  • Staying Still
  • The Grip Hand
  • Lining Up & Aiming
  • Cue Ball Control
  • Consistency
  • Break Building
  • Safety
  • Long Pots
  • Cushion Shots
  • Rest Shots
  • Screw Shots

DVD-ROM discs 2-12 contain the following Dartfish Analysis videos:

Disc 2. Coaching Session With Matt From England: 84 minutes

Disc 3. Coaching Session With Sam From England: 91 minutes

Disc 4. Coaching Session With Andi From Austria: 59 minutes

Disc 5. Coaching Session With Helmut From Austria: 51 minutes

Disc 6. Coaching Session With Terry From Canada: 48 minutes

Disc 7. Coaching Session With Daniel From Germany: 64 minutes

Disc 8. Coaching Session With Haythem From Jordan: 48 minutes

Disc 9. Coaching Session With Alan Bale From England: 42 minutes

Disc 10. Coaching Session With Anthony From England: 48 minutes

Disc 11. Coaching Session With Abhishek From India: 55 minutes

Disc 12. Coaching Session With Dave From Milton Keynes (my home town): 48 minutes

      And..Bonus Coaching Session With Terry From Canada – Using The 360 Pure Cue: 54 minutes


Secret Snooker Skills Part 2:

Bonus MP3 Audio’s

These audio files are recordings of actual live coaching calls I have made with my clients.

Usually addressing a particular topic of concern with the player, we work on that through the following process:

  1. Diagnosing & confirming the problem (very often the problem a player thinks they have is not the problem they ACTUALLY have!) Note: this is 90% of the coaching process and the single biggest step that 90% of coaches OMIT when training so make sure you diagnose yourself properly or get help to do so when you are working on your game. I in fact spent around 40 minutes DIAGNOSING a client’s issue once when I was UAE National Coach. I simply could not work out what the client was doing wrong. So after watching him from every conceivable angle, asking him to do testing shots and trying to replicate his problem in my own game by copying exactly what he did on the table and in his mind, I finally got to the knub of the issue. It took 5 minutes or less to solve. But if I had been embarrassed about ‘not being able to see the problem’, that client would have kept his problem for a lifetime.
  2. Identifying & clarifying the desired outcome of the student.
  3. Loosening the problem in the students mind with questions, logic and sometimes even humour!
  4. Setting out the solution.
  5. Explaining how to integrate it.
  6. ‘Future pacing’ the client to make sure they will do what they have agreed, and that they agree fundamentally with the course of action they have committed to.

(Knowing these 6 steps alone is worth it’s weight in gold – why not print this out and carry it around in your cue case?)

This simple sequence has helped me get 100’s of clients out of trouble before in super quick time so please do not underestimate their worth.

I should not really have given this information away on this page because it is so valuable and I run the risk of devaluing it by giving it away for free – but I always try to offer you massive value so I decided to put it in.)

The calls are extremely useful for coaches in learning the above process of identifying and dissolving a problem.

They will also help players with the specific presenting problem featured, to be able to apply the same learnings to themselves.

DVD-ROM Disc 1

Coaching Call Between Nic Barrow & Client Marko: 44 minutes
This call covers the following topics:

  • The biggest benefits (and dangers) of solo practice
  • Discover the ideal practice match mentality
  • The quickest way to solve problems is PICNIC!
  • How to play well in the most difficult conditions ever recorded
  • Achieving perfect learning feedback and improvement
  • Secrets of properly playing at the bottom of the cue ball
  • The best ways to mastering black ball positional play
  • How to get down to the shot accurately
  • How to get the most improvement possible out of your practice sessions
  • Preventing boredom in practice – the easy way
  • The absolute beginner to century break programme

The following calls on the 12 DVD-ROM multi media discs cover all the following topics, and more…:

  • Screw Shots
  • Rest Shots
  • Cushion Shots
  • Long Pots
  • Safety
  • Break Building
  • Consistency
  • Cue Ball Control
  • Lining Up & Aiming
  • The Grip Hand
  • Staying Still
  • Cueing Straight
  • Dealing With Pressure
  • Confidence
  • Concentration

Disc 2
Coaching Call Between Nic Barrow & Client Marko: 38 minutes

Disc 3
Coaching Call Between Nic Barrow & IBSF Master Coach Terry Davidson: 48 Minutes

Disc 4
Coaching Call Between Nic Barrow & Client Marko: 27 minutes

Disc 5
Coaching Call Between Nic Barrow & Client Alan: 89 minutes

Disc 6
Coaching Calls Between Nic Barrow & Client Marko: 4 Calls – 62 minutes

Disc 7
Coaching Calls Between Nic Barrow & Client Marko: 6 calls – 53 minutes

Disc 8
Coaching Calls Between Nic Barrow & Client Marko: 5 calls – 48 minutes

Disc 9
Coaching Calls Between Nic Barrow & Client Alan Buck: 3 calls – 48 minutes
Bonus: Coaching Calls Between Nic Barrow & Client Terry: 3 calls – 56 minutes

Disc 10
Coaching Calls Between Nic Barrow & Client Terry: 2 calls – 44 minutes

Disc 11
Interview Of 360 Pure Cue Founder Neil Johnson: Calls 1-3 – 66 minutes

Disc 12
Interview Of 360 Pure Cue Founder Neil Johnson: Calls 4-6 – 115 minutes

“The 360 is, quite simply, the best snooker training device that I have ever seen.

It transformed my game in 15 minutes and for the first time in my life I can genuinely say that I feel like I am a good player – and I have coached and played professionally for 20 years.” – Nic Barrow


Yes it really was me saying these words, and I meant every one of them.

These interviews with Neil are designed to help people understand exactly WHY the 360 Pure Cue works so well to give such a quick large increase in cue control with almost every player who tries it.

It is almost guaranteed to give you a ‘cue action on steroids’!

Here is a breakdown of what we cover in each of the calls:

MP3 1 25mins:

Here, we discuss Neil’s background as a coach and his path toward developing the 360 Pure Cue.

Also covered is the invisible problem that most players – have that only the 360 Pure Cue can solve.

Finally we wrap up with a summary of the main benefits players take away after having used it.

MP3 2 22mins:

How the cueing hand ‘learns on its own’ and how the ‘body moulds to the cue’ is covered in detail here – and it is the first time that a coaching device has ever led to this dramatic new self learning technique.

We finish off by discussing how this newest learning style to be discovered in snooker is helping players improve their games so quickly after using the 360 Pure Cue.

MP3 3 19mins:

What role the different types of tightness have on cue control – and how to find the correct level of hand tightness for you.

We also discuss ‘unwanted forces through the cue’, the best way to eliminate them and how this helps players unlock the hidden goldmine to their snooker potential.

MP3 4 33mins:

How the grip hand, chest and chin can actually DISTURB accurate cueing is revealed in part 4.

This is totally contrary to most coaching given today – or is it?! All will be revealed when you listen in…

MP3 5 40mins:

How your unhidden and ideal technique (that is perfect for you) can easily and quickly be revealed…

How the 360 Pure Cue actually improves your entire game ‘From Tip To Toe’…

We also discuss my extensive experience as a ‘360 Pure Cue Guineapig’, and go in depth into exactly how and why it improved my game so much.

MP3 6 42mins:

‘The Curriculum For Cueing’ is revealed for the first time ever here.

We discuss what practice regime should be used when integrating the benefits of the 360 Pure Cue into your game – both in terms of what to practice and how often to practice that to gain the optimum benefit (you need much less practice with it than you think!)

We also discuss the ideal times to use, and NOT to use, the 360 Pure Cue in relation to tournaments. The topic extends to both amateur and professional events.


Secret Snooker Skills Part 3:

Bonus written reports and other multi media – most of which are not for sale anywhere else and are included only in the official IBSF Master Coach certification programme.

Here are some samples of the content provided in these bonus written reports.

Simply click on the images to expand them into full size pages (you will still remain on this page so you won’t lose your place here when you click on an image)

All reports focus on a different aspect of the game.

Some of the information is written toward players.

Some is written toward coaches – in this you will be getting a rare insight into a perspective on the game not normally seen.

Disc 1

Bonus PDF Report

The BIGGEST difference between how professionals and amateur players aim their pots and control the cue ball.

If you are not already applying them, then these three secrets are guaranteed to improve your aiming & cue ball control – and you will forever forget the myth that holds most ‘Under 100 Break’ players back from being able to flourish in the game.

Disc 2

Bonus PDF Report

How ‘Having A Job To Do’ Will Help You Play Like The Professionals (as this is what they do!)…

There are 3 different families of hints included here, with a total of 18 suggestions for you to apply – each of which can give you the mind set of the professionals with the best temperament in the game.

Disc 3

Bonus PDF Report

‘The Bounce Hit’ Of Snooker, And How It Can Give You A Perfect Cue Action & Transform Your Ability To Strike All Your Shots Accurately And Consistently.

Includes the full version for study and the ‘lite’ version for taking with you to the club for practice.

  • Why one of the most effective concentration techniques in tennis can also work in cue sports.
  • ‘Awareness, Cures’…
  • Understanding the ‘Double Divorce’ of the snooker cue action.
  • The ten steps that most pros use on every shot when they are playing well – and detailed instructions on how to apply each of these. (Hint: You don’t have to do them all in one go! It is suggested you master one at a time in your own time to allow them to all integrate into your game properly.)
  • Why the best cue action would need NO aiming!…
  • How to find your unique and individual tempo for ‘Divorce 1’ and ‘Divorce 2’…
  • What to do, and more importantly what NOT to do at the ‘Front Pause’ as well as the ‘Rear Pause’.
  • Why aeroplanes and car gear changes are directly relevant to snooker’s perfect cue action.
  • 6 points of awareness you can choose from during and after the balls are played.
  • The most important thing NOT to do after the shot – especially after missing a shot!

Disc 4

Bonus PDF Report

The Snooker Gym Coaching Lesson Process Map – Learn The Thinking Process That Will Give You Complete Confidence In Your Ability To Help Your Own Game And Also That Of The World Number One Professional Or An Absolute Beginner!

Bonus Video:

Plus part 1 of 3 of the Coaching Lesson Process Map video: 42 mins.
(Filmed in an IBSF Coach Examiner seminar and NEVER before given away or sold in ANY product until now)

This video was recorded in an IBSF Coach Examiner certification (cost £2,495), and consists of myself picking each point from the flow chart.

From here I would expand on it, provide anecdotes from my international coaching experiences, encourage discussion with the IBSF Coach Examiners on the course, and explain the types of situation where the points can be best utilized.

Both the written flow chart diagram and the video parts of this bonus are foundation components of the IBSF Master Coach certification programme – they are not on sale anywhere else.

The IBSF Master Coach course retails for £1,795.00

This document is designed to provide a process for coaches to have total confidence in their ability to take ANY player at any stage of their game, though a simple and enjoyable improvement process with no preparation time at all.

(‘ANY player’ also includes world number one ranked players and world champions…)

It is designed on a special software that allows the flow of steps to be very clearly defined and memorable.



I just simply want to provide massive value for my customers.

In fact I would be prepared to offer that if you don’t feel the flow chart and three videos on their own are worth the entire value of the course that I would ask you to send me the programme back so I can give you a full refund no questions asked.

This is in addition to the regular 1,000% money back guarantee described below…

Rather than give you any clues as to this item’s ‘Gold Dust’ content here and now, I will simply give you the opportunity to take delivery of it and discover it for yourself…

Disc 5

Bonus PDF Report

The Benefits Of ‘The Finger Tip Exercise’, And How This Can Dramatically Increase Your Ability To Cue Like A Professional And Screw The Cue Ball Back Like A Dream.

Bonus Video:

The Snooker Gym Coaching Lesson Process Map video part 2 of 3 – 43 min(Filmed in an IBSF Coach Examiner seminar)

Spread across 10 pages, the 17 supporting photographs and explanatory text offer you 7 simple steps to bring these 7 new skills into your game easily and effortlessly:

  • Smoother cueing
  • Cueing at the correct speed for ultimate control (everyone has a slightly different ideal cueing speed which this exercise will help you uncover for yourself)
  • A relaxed cueing arm
  • Playing with LESS physical strength but MORE cueing power – in short, ‘letting the cue do the work’!
  • Increasing the awareness required for straight, accurate, professional cueing.
  • Allowing the conscious mind to get out of the way to allow the cue to move properly.
  • Playing EFFORTLESS screw shots…

Disc 6

Bonus PDF Report

How To Video Yourself To Help Your Game

Includes bonus video version:

(NEVER before seen anywhere, and released for the very first time with Secret Snooker Skills – I dug it out of my archive just before finishing the product and decided to shoehorn it in at the last minute for you):

Including 28 video clips and 63 pictures of Nic demonstrating the 6 major facets of technique:

  • Rest Play Frontal
  • Rest Play Rear View
  • Rest Play Side On
  • Standard Technique Frontal
  • Standard Technique Rear View
  • Standard Technique Side On

Below are some sample pictures and videos from the ‘Rest Play Frontal’ section:

These clips were filmed after requests to SHOW UP CLOSE my clients exactly what I am talking about in my instructional DVDs and other products that don’t quite have the full frame focus that only this dedicated archive can have.

The camera viewpoints have been very carefully selected to show clearly with full close up quality all the angles of technique you so rarely see on television.

As a top 100 professional who has made the 147 maximum break, and who has the reputation of a very reliable and solid technique, you can be assured that the clips you are seeing of my own game will help you acquire your very own perfect technique.

(Disc 6 – Extra Bonus Video):

The Snooker Gym Coaching Lesson Process Map video part 3 of 3 – 40 min

(Filmed in an IBSF Coach Examiner seminar)

Disc 7

Bonus PDF Report

The 5 Methods Of Dealing With The Cushions

(17 pages and 41 photographs that explain all you need to know about this part of the game that most of my clients find hardest to easily deal with…)

Includes bonus video version:

Includes 10 video clips and 52 pictures of Nic demonstrating the 5 major ways of dealing with the cushions.

As in disc 6, these clips take the same presentation format, but zone in on the 5 major solutions you need to be able to easily and effortlessly manipulate your body balance and bridging hand to best deal with the sometimes obstructive, but ever present, cushion rails.

The 5 major solutions filmed and photographs are:

  • The Chinese Snooker – And How To Best Position Your Body For It
  • Cue Ball At 90% To The Cushion
  • Cue Ball At An Angle To Cushion
  • Stretching At 90% Over A Cushion
  • Stretching At An Angle Over A Cushion

Below are 4 pictures from one of the 3 ways of approaching ‘The Chinese Snooker’

Disc 8

Bonus PDF Report

Pre Tournament Questions For Coaches

This check list is designed for coaches, but can also help you a lot as a player.

Knowing what to work on (and equally as importantly what NOT to work on) at the different time phases before a tournament is a vitally important skill that cannot be ignored if you want to maximize your potential before ANY match – yes, even your local league match performances can benefit by using this simple yet powerful check list.

In this bonus document, you will learn:

    • Which shots, situations and preparations to make sure of in the various periods before an event.
    • What these critical time periods are – something that has been gained through many years of trial and error travelling to international tournaments.
    • You also discover what to do once at the venue, and the final pre match checks that are so important.
    • How to analyze what has happened AFTER the event is also included. Knowing what to do here will help you prevent repeating the same mistakes at the next tournament.
    • Finally, ‘The Three Question Matrix’ will help players draw out of themselves in a very simple and clear way their motivation for competing. This will help to ensure you or your player’s full potential is delivered and that you ‘leave everything on the table’…

Disc 9

Bonus PDF Report

Mental Preparation Before Travelling To Tournaments

Travelling to tournaments needs to be done 10 times or more to get fully used to the process and how to deal with airports, time changes and your own natural travel rhythm.

This 8 point check list helps you deal with all the following major travel challenges:

    • How best to prepare, and for how long in advance.
    • Aeroplane defense tactics – 5 vital ways to make use of flights rather than be weakened by them. Applying these during a plane trip can give you more energy before you arrive.
    • Who to meet at the event, and who not to meet at the event.
    • The food factor – key defensive strategies here can really help you to avoid a tournament ending nightmare the likes of which you will never forget.
    • Romance – to do or not to do?! The answer seems obvious (or may not!) but this section explains why…
    • ‘Down Time’ manager. How much of this you have during an event, and when, are vital components of your tournament strategy.
    • Paperwork – when to do it, how to do it and where to do it to give yourself the maximum chances of success at the event.
    • ‘Back In The Swing’. A few tried and tested ideas on how to get the momentum back after travelling.

Disc 10

Bonus PDF Report

Before, During & After – Three Keys To Having A Great Day!

Making a difference to every part of your snooker is how you feel and operate on a daily basis in life.

This document mirrors the simple methods the professionals use of playing a shot in snooker.

This will give you a clear and simple way of organizing your life to give maximum effectiveness both on the table and off it.

Questions, planning, approach and the correct combination of these are discussed in this document that could transform your every day life even if you don’t ever play snooker.

Disc 11

Bonus PDF Report

Player Destiny Levels

There are four levels a player can be in that will determine their destiny.

Which level a person is on is determined by their technical and psychological approach.

  • Discover the 14 requirements of level 1 and ask yourself if you can fulfill them…
  • Be honest with yourself about whether you fill the simple criteria for levels 2 & 3.
  • Level 4 contains 9 psychological examples that, if a player were to follow them, would see a wholesale elevation of their temperament and ability to get the most out of themselves even when things were going ‘badly’.

Disc 12

Bonus PDF Report

The Backswing Breakdown

This document was put together to solve a player’s deep confusion about how to execute their grip hand, cueing, backswing and delivery.

Containing 15 check points that, should you put your game through them and pass the mini tests, would see you develop the type of confidence at the table and in your own technical ability that is tasted only by professionals or players very close to that standard.

So, here is a reminder of what you get with “The Snooker Gym’s brand new”

‘Secret Snooker Skills’:

Spread across the 12 separate and individual multi media DVD-ROM discs that will be posted to you free of charge are:

• 12 Individual Dartfish Analysis videos of amateur players focusing more on technique.

• 10 Sets of individual one to one coaching call recordings with Nic’s clients.

• 2 Sets of 3 recordings with founder of the 360 Pure Cue Neil Johnson.

• 1 bonus Dartfish video analyzing a coaching session using the 360 Pure Cue.

• 3 volumes of video from the IBSF Coach Examiner training (cost £2,495) discussing ‘The Snooker Gym Perfect Lesson Map’

• 38 videos and 120 pictures capturing every angle of Nic modeling ideal technique in the areas of Standard Technique, Rest Play & Cueing Off The Cushion (if Nic with a top 100 world ranking, a high break of 147, ‘bullet proof cue action’ reputation, and a pro am victory over Ronnie O’Sullivan in 1991 is ideal enough!).

• 12 Written Documents Covering Different Aspects Of Playing & Coaching&hellip

All this multi media content has been specifically designed to help end your frustration forever and improve the following areas of your game:

• Concentration
• Confidence
• Dealing With Pressure
• Cueing Straight
• Staying Still
• The Grip Hand
• Lining Up & Aiming
• Cue Ball Control
• Consistency
• Break Building
• Safety
• Long Pots
• Cushion Shots
• Rest Shots
• Screw Shots

“So How Much Is ‘Secret Snooker Skills’???”

Well I have spent 4 years putting this product together, and my business cost £80,000 to set up so I COULD ask for 5% of that amount (£4,000)….

This is ENTIRELY reasonable, and I will tell you why…

I have just asked how much it is to upgrade one of my professional certifications in psychology.

They told me the home study course cost £2,150 – and consisted of 4 DVDs!
No wonder he called me from America to ask for the order!

If I charged this, though, I don’t think too many people would be able to afford it…

So if I think a little more reasonably for a minute, then I think this product should be retailing for at least £40 per disc (or £480 for the set).


I am willing to reduce this to £297 as the minimum price I feel I should let it go at.

The reasons for this are:

1. I always make a special offer with new products.

2. I think being decisive should be rewarded – so if you purchase now you should be rewarded for your decisiveness.

3. A number of immediate sales helps with the considerable production cost and time involved in launching a new product.

Please click below to purchase the whole package of 12 discs

Special Offer for £297 from £480! Plus Shipping

(Bonus black spot routine password protected practice videos INCLUDED)


But Wait!…

If you take up the ‘Reduced From £480 To £297’ offer, I will ALSO provide you some sneak preview content FREE OF CHARGE from an upcoming product I have that includes videos of live practice routines.

These videos were filmed with a client who paid to book me for a week – and we filmed some key practice routines used by the professionals around the black spot, and I put them up on a web page so he could view them in his own time anywhere in the world.

You can’t find this type of video anywhere else in the world of snooker coaching (dozens of my clients have tried and failed), and it is something I am very proud to have organised and recorded.

If I had access to these during my teenage years I am sure I would have made my first 147 break a lot earlier than I did.

I have not had time to put a particular price on these videos, but you will have access to this password protected page if you go ahead and purchase ‘Secret Snooker Skills’ now for £297


Nic BarrowNic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the benefits to your game / the time you saved from finding these answers yourself from this product will be 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your money & time for buying & using it then please return it for a full refund within 60 days.
Nic Barrow