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Spaces in monthly coaching packages are still available.

For multi-day sessions, our Five Day Master Class certification, or a quote for travelling to you, please complete this form.

Clients having one session also receive the following:

  • 1 Day pre study video course – value £100
  • Video of everything we do in broadcast standard for your future reference – unique in snooker coaching

In ADDITION, clients booking monthly with a commitment to three sessions receive these bonuses:

  • 3 Day pre study video course – value £295

This walk through video shows you the range of exercises, accountability, and feedback that our new practice routine platform offers for players who book regular session packages of three months or more


Click below to book your session plan now... I look forward to meeting you!

*Please note: It takes time and care to create your personalised programs, review each week you have at the table, and reply to your messages with text / photos / video responses as necessary.
This time is included in all the package prices below.

These options will go onto a wait list when I fill my monthly allocation of students. 

Prices are subject to increase every three months.
Fees are non refundable, and the option for sessions cannot be carried forwards into future months.

One Full Day 10am-6pm Monthly, Or A Single Session

£675 per month
£995 single session

Four Hours Monthly, Or A Single Session

£450 per month
£695 single session

Three Hours Monthly, Or A Single Session

£325 per month
£495 single session

Two Hours Monthly, Or A Single Session

£250 per month
£395 single session

Below are Bi-Monthly Plans

  • This plan is for players who do not play often enough to justify monthly sessions, or who want to reduce monthly cost.
  • You pay half a session payment every month, for a minimum of six months, giving three sessions in total… at which point the payments continue until you cancel with two clicks.
  • Upon first payment the pre session study videos and other bonuses are issued to you. 
  • The first coaching session is scheduled after the second payment a month later.

Three Hours Once Every Two Months

£195 per month

Two Hours Once Every Two Months

£145 per month

Let us know HERE if you have a request for a monthly payment plan that would suit your needs more closely than any of the packages above.


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