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The Cue Action Trainer does what no other single tool in the market can do…

It helps you once and for all to confirm or correct your:

Sighting & Eye Alignment 
Centre cue ball striking
Aiming & Angle Recognition
Rest Play

Nic Barrow’s Cue Action Trainer

The Fastest Way, To Perfect Cueing

'Confirm or Correct' you pre shot and on shot eye alignment and vision centre:

'Confirm of Correct' your cueing action with the use of perfectly relevant, accurate, and immediate feedback:

The secret hack that helps you get the most out of your Cue Action Trainer:

'Confirm or Correct' your potting and angle recognition within minutes:

'Confirm or Correct' your rest play - which for some players is their favourite thing to hate!:

Discussing the two most common doubts about the Cue Action Trainer.

Case study interview with client Clive who made his first 100 break within a week of using the Cue Action Trainer.

Bonus Mode...

We have saved £100 from our production cost by avoiding the use of a heavy and expensive case and they will now come with a simple case like this:

You will get this simpler case, the base unit, the four rollers (previous versions had 8 rollers), and the balls as shown in the pic below for 'Mastery Mode'.

As part of the cost saving, we have also discontinued the second set of four legs on previous models as it added cost and complexity...
these had stronger magnets but we found that they were hardly ever used because their value turned out to be minimal.



Four Levels Of Difficulty…
We have designed a new system (at no extra cost!) which allows you to easily adjust four levels of difficulty on the CAT rollers (the previous CAT rollers only had one level of difficulty)…
Watch the video for a demonstration…

Buy now for March 2020 delivery

Cue Action Trainer (CAT)

The Fastest Way To Perfect Cueing

To give players from all cue sports peace of mind, we designed the Cue Action Trainer to work with the different cues, balls, and cushion heights found in English 8 ball / black ball pool, American 9 ball pool, snooker & billiards, carom, and Russian pyramid.


As of February 2nd 2020, a new production run is in process with 24 CAT allocations still remaining, with completion and delivery in April 2020.

Full payment in advance confirms your CAT order, and ensures I can keep the purchase cost as low as possible.

Upon payment, your personal CAT in the limited production run is reserved for you, and you will also get instant access today to your online training videos and online client support community.

Please place your order below depending on the country you are sending your CAT to…

UK Delivered



Europe Delivered



Rest of The World Delivered



Nic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the time the product saves you in finding its solutions yourself, and the benefits to your game from using this product… are not 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your investment in buying & using it… then please return it for a full no quibble refund within 60 days and we will remain friends.

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