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John Bastow and Nic Barrow's 'Free Ball Guide' ...

To download the Free Ball Guide, demonstration video, and even more free snooker secrets read below...

Look at the free stuff you get today:

  • Printable download of John Bastow and Nic Barrow's ‘Guidance On How To Apply The Free Ball Rule In Snooker’
  • A video demonstrating how to apply the lessons in your document
  • Nic’s original free ball document from 2005 that goes in a lot more depth to the topic
  • How to be sure how far one ball goes past another (vital for safety shots – and most pros do not know this method)
  • How to be sure if a ball goes past another into a pocket (and again, most pros do not know this method) 
  • Free ball and other aiming updates
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