Distance Snooker Coaching By Video Call/Email/Phone

Get support on your game in any media wherever you are, and wherever Nic is, in the world.
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Distance Coaching Session - The Ideal Screw Back Bridge Hand

Winston Ip from New Zealand had a distance coaching call (Apple Facetime or Skype are the best options) with me, kindly allowing us to record how it went. This highlight clip reveals a little bit about how the calls are set up, a key piece of advice about the screw back bridge hand, and how we help the clients remember the topics we cover.

I also now offer the option of importing your video into The Snooker Gym's Video Analysis suite as seen below and giving you a video critique of all the major parts of your game. After receiving this full set of analysis videos covering every part of your game, any further calls will be to help you refine these points further and build you proficiency in practice, break building, and any other areas that need attention.

This makes The Snooker Gym's Video Analysis Remote Coaching almost as good as being here yourself for one to one coaching!


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