Nic Barrow's The Snooker Gym ... "We Train Frustrated Amateurs, To Beat Their Highest Break"

The Mission of The Snooker Gym is
to help people just like you play better snooker.

Exceptionally frustrated by the game when I was trying to work it all out myself, my dream has been achieved to offer a centralized body of knowledge where any player can access solutions to any problem they have in their game. So, this whole process for me becomes in a way therapeutic because every player I touch and help feels like it is the frustrated me who I am helping way back when I was that frustrated teenager who did not know what way to turn to improve his game. So in a way, helping others in this quest is a therapy for myself!

Our Vision is to help 1,000 players beat their highest break. So, anyone who does so, becomes an instant ‘High Break Hero’ in The Snooker Gym Community on Facebook

Below are some videos shot at the YouTube Head Quarters in London that go into a little bit more depth about why I founded The Snooker Gym.

Nic Barrow
Founder, The Snooker Gym