We Help Frustrated Club Players And Amateurs
To Beat Their Highest Break...


Achieve your goals and resolve the biggest issues in your game with:

1 to 1 Coaching

Distance Coaching
…using our unique:

Practice Scheduling

Distance Support

Accountability System

Video Analysis

Are you a frustrated club player or amateur?

Do you want to beat your highest break?

Resolve the Biggest issues in your game with:
1 to 1 Coaching
Distance Coaching
… Using our unique:
Practice Scheduling
Distance Support
Accountability System
Video Analysis

The Snooker Gym's

Beat Your Highest Break Accelerator

"For those who want the quickest result, in the least time"

STEP 1 of 3

Video Analysis, Diagnosis, Prescription

STEP 2 of 3

Practice Scheduling & Accountability Platform

STEP 3 of 3

🔸 OPTION 1 🔸
One to One Sessions

Distance Coaching


⭐  STEP 1 of 3  ⭐


 For 1 to 1 Coaching 

At the beginning of our session, I will look at your technique, shot routines, and cue action from 11 different positions. I will then talk you through the priorities in your game.
The over head camera will be recording this process if filmed in my training studio.
If filmed at your home or club, it will be with my portable camera (or yours).

 For Distance Coaching 

Just follow the instructions on how to film your own game, and send us the videos from these 11 set positions with our easy online video sending tool. 
I then spend half a day analysing those videos in detail.

This package makes The Snooker Gym's Distance Coaching almost as good as being here yourself for one to one coaching!

You then receive:
  • A video critique of all the major parts of your game
  • Online notes summarising these analysis
  • My suggestions for your technique & cueing – organised into a prioritised list
  • A shared online practice schedule that we can both view, comment on with text or video chat, and record troublesome shots for me to have a look at and advise on

These build proficiency in technique, cueing, practice schedules, and break building.


⭐  STEP 2 of 3  ⭐


Each practice routine exercise (we have over 150) has:
  • A video demonstrating the exercise, or table image of ball positions
  • A written description and tips
  • A red to back scoring system to judge your progress to your goals
  • A personalised graph system recording your scores over time
  • Availability on iPhone iOS / Android / PC & Mac desktops

Communication with your TSG Coach:

Whether you are working with Nic, or one of his coaches certified to use this platform,
you can communicate in the following ways together:

You can record a video of your own game (or take a picture of a ball position / part of your technique) and send it to your coach along with notes or questions…

Your coach will then reply with written or video answers

Over years of testing various distance coaching programmes,
I have noticed key factors that help students improve the most.

Our new coaching platform offers you all of these in a much simpler way than ever before in cue sports:
  • Setting personalised practice routines with diagrams or video instruction (we have over 100 routines to choose from, and also create bespoke routines)
  • A simple diary into which you can record your progress and scores
  • A motivational green (exercise completed) or red (exercise not completed) traffic light system incentivises you to keep practice compliance rates high
  • Accountability (because your coach can see which routines you have missed, and message you accordingly!)
  • Easy two way communication between coach and student – using either text or video from within the app
  • Very simply record and upload either your technique or shot situations on the table that you have questions about
  • A weekly review diary that your coach will comment on to help you keep on track
  • Ability to share your exercise results on social media


⭐  STEP 3 of 3  ⭐

Option 1:

 One To One Sessions 


Chris Schwartz & Nathan Boughen – England, UK
How to pot a ball down a cushion

In this recording of a live one to one training, we work on potting balls down the cushion.
The video demonstrates a simple awareness technique that helps with this shot…

You and I may cover the following in one to one sessions:

  • Technique optimisation
  • Cueing skills
  • Aiming & Potting
  • Shot making
  • Positional play
  • Break building
  • Match practice together
  • In frame shot selection
  • Practice strategy
  • Psychology
  • Planning your targets
  • Miscellaneous topics according to your needs
Option 2:

 Distance Coaching 


Winston Ip from New Zealand
The ideal screw back bridge hand

Winston Ip from New Zealand had an Accountability & Coaching call with me, kindly allowing us to show a few minutes of the recording.

This highlight clip reveals a little bit about how the coaching calls are set up, and features a key piece of advice about the screw back bridge hand.

Whilst we were using Skype on this call in 2018, we now prefer Zoom for our calls.

For most of the Accountability Calls, you or I will not need to be near a snooker or pool table... We decide the exact format on a session by session basis.

📌  Beat Your Highest Break Accelerator Case Studies  📌

I have achieved a higher playing standard than all but a few hundred players in the world, and coached Ding to world number one status back in 2013. But my specialism is ‘Helping Frustrated Amateurs, Beat Their Highest Break’…

How Umr Hayat in Norway made his 100th century, including his highest of 139…

What helped Simon Wong in Australia
make his first colours clearance in a match:

Coaching Principles & Beliefs we live by:

  • Everything in technique, serves our goal of better delivering the cue on the correct line, cue ball height, and speed.
  • Every player can discover their optimised technique, that is unique to them.
  • Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  • We are mostly aware of our symptoms, not the causes of those symptoms.
  • All causes have the positive intention, which we can attain without the cause and the symptom.
  • Learning is one thing, applying that knowledge is another.
  • No one can ever pot everything, as the game is too difficult.
  • You are never frustrated with your game, only with your broken wants or expectations.

Our Company Values

Customer experience is our number 1 priority
We give 100% and play full out
We decide fast, and finish fast
We show humanity and kindness
We do and say what is right

Who I DO NOT work with:

I have worked to a world class level with the following, but no longer do so as I now focus exclusively with
Frustrated Amateurs Who Want To Beat Your Highest Break’:
  • Top professionals
  • Amateurs aiming to become professional
  • ‘Managers’ of the above!
  • International / world governing bodies
  • National federations
  • Gift voucher experiences
  • Juniors

Who I DO work with:

Players who tick plenty of these boxes:
  • The game is in your blood, and you play regularly.
  • You want to transform your experience of the game.
  • You enjoy improving your understanding of the game, and your mental / physical shot processes - not just your results.
  • You would rather spend your money / leverage my time to get the solution quickly from somebody who has been doing this non stop since 1980, than spend your time working it all our yourself slowly:
    You ‘Buy the best / fastest solution, and buy once’
  • You feel the Beat Your Highest Break Accelerator could be the best investment you have ever made in your game.
  • The financial investment will not stress you out.
  • I believe you can transform your game (this is never a matter of ability – only a matter of willing).
  • I feel I will enjoy working with you 😉

We guarantee that within 90 days you will have beaten at least two of your highest breaks in the following areas:

  • Highest break in a frame.
  • Highest break in the line up.
  • Highest average over 5 line ups.
  • Highest number of long blues out of ten attempts.
  • Repetitive pinks.
  • Repetitive blacks.
  • Repetitive colours.
If you do not beat two of your highest breaks as listed within 90 days, you will get the extra access to Nic’s resources of time and effort to help you achieve it.

Your Commitments:

To offer the guarantee we will need to:
  • Define clear targets you want to achieve.
  • Agree they are possible in the time you have available to play.
  • Set a schedule of exercises of which you can complete 80%+ between sessions.

A few other simple ideas to consider:

View this programme as an upgrade to every table you play on – an upgrade than makes the table pot more balls!

You pay for what you learn in one of two way in life:

  • By making the mistakes yourself.
  • By paying someone who has already made them all for you!

Being a part of this programme is to become a part of on ongoing continuous research project that aims to serve players all over the world just like you.

These programmes trade my time, represent my second highest tier of service, and I can have no more than 24 students at any given time.

To find out if you are a good fit for coaching with Nic,
please complete your Player Profile and we will contact you

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Advantages of the facilities with
TSG Academy in Milton Keynes:

  • It is totally private and secluded from the rest of the club, which means we have:
    🌟 Peace: There is no foot traffic coming through the room
    🌟 Quiet: There is no noise from TVs or other members
    🌟 Privacy: There are no prying eyes to stare at what we are doing.
  • You will have the best training environment available: I have spent well over £5,000 refurbishing the room using ideas I have seen in the best training rooms I have visited in 52 countries.
  • You will have a professional video archive of what we do, with each topic split into a separate video clip for ease of future reference. The idea being to double the value of the session by allowing you to take it away with you.
  • I have also invested around £10,000 or so on getting broadcast quality cameras, microphones, and lighting to give the perfect training experience and video archive of what you do for future reference: this service in unique in snooker.
  • You will have access to all the best training toys that money can buy – whatever your game needs, there will be a camera, video analysis tool, or coaching toy to suit.
    You will also have use of our three problem solving products which
    The training, like a tailor made suit, is totally bespoke to your game, your faults, and your aspirations.

Here is an example clip of one topic:

Here is a sample video analysis which all clients receive:

The Training Experience:

At The Snooker Gym, we adopt a scientific, measurable way to diagnose your problems and prescribe your solutions.

The teaching is structured, facilitated with scientific explanation and demonstration.

Having played at professional standard, I can also demonstrate anything that is worked on in the session. I am not an ex player who thinks I can coach – but I do this full time as my living.

My clients have described my coaching style with the following words and phrases:

Knowledgeable, patient, professional, humorous, considered, breaking everything down, humble/not arrogant, delivered with a personal touch, and not salesy.

To accelerate your progress within the session, I also spent around £30,000 getting certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and various personal development trainings to give me the requisite training skills.

If you want to learn to play the game in the right way, then invest once and remember it forever. You will then have reset your hard drive and taken away the guesswork from your game.

Despite some player’s fears, I do not feel I am too good to help even an absolute beginner (because I was there once in my game), and won’t force you to put your videos onto YouTube…

While I have a good track record working with top professionals, international federations, and training commentators from abroad, my main passion is helping players like you to improve your game.

Before I stop coaching, why not book at least one session help you uncover every stone in your game.

Testimonial from Ben Bailey – business owner and snooker enthusiast

Testimonial from Lee, who has made over 100 century breaks

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Training benefits included in your
Beat Your Highest Break Accelerator:
Full personalised video analysis and diagnosis of your game. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Weekly rating system. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Online practice scheduling and accountability. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
First choice on product launches, trials, and invitations. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
* 5 Day Master Class highlights: 138 video collection ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
* Coaching Ultimate Archive: 174 topics / 1,181 videos
(normally £795) 👉 More info
  ✔️ ✔️
* Cue Sports Psychology Ninja Course: Levels 1, 2, 3
(normally £247) 👉 More info
  ✔️ ✔️
** 3 hours per year:
EITHER:  1 x annual full video analysis by Nic
OR:          1 x annual 3 hour on table session with Nic
** 3 hours per quarter:
EITHER: 1 x quarterly 3 hour on table session with Nic
OR:         1 x monthly 1 hour accountability call with Nic
** 3 hours per month
EITHER: 1 x monthly 3 hour on table session with Nic
OR:         1 x week of training (6 full days)
Live monthly Accelerator group coaching webinar with Nic ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Monthly practice routines set based on your standard, life situation, and goals. Comments via text, photo, video answered by Nic. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
*** Annually
**** Monthly
* All video content remains live in your account as long as your subscription continues.
** Sessions not taken in the relevant month, are not carried forward / will expire.
*** Annual plans renew annually at the same price – insulating you against price increases
**** Monthly plans have a minimum 3 month commitment which covers first session costs - after this, they can be paused or stopped at any time.
  • I have a maximum 20 spaces available for these one to one programmes.
  • Fees are non refundable.

One off session prices

(add travel cost for a session at your home / club):
Full distance video analysis (takes me around 3 hours):
Half day (3 hrs) in Milton Keynes, UK:
Full day from 10-5pm in Milton Keynes, UK:


These options INCLUDE:
  • Pre session study (to save you a lot of time in the session)
  • One month set up on the practice and accountability platform
  • If you upgrade to any ‘Annual’ plan within one month, we can discount this one off session cost (and the hours used in it) from that plan.

The Snooker Gym Academy Facilities

👇 (Click on these sphere pictures below to get an interactive 360° view) 👇

The Snooker Gym Training facility 1 The Snooker Gym Training facility 2 The Snooker Gym Training facility 3

Here is a quick clip showing the twin training table set up at The Snooker Gym Academy:

Training CAN ALSO be held in your own club, home or country

To find out if you are a good fit for coaching with Nic,
please complete your Player Profile and we will contact you

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