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What type of snooker problem do you have?

And is it stopping you getting enjoyment and results?

Massively save your time, build your knowledge, and improve your game in minutes… without having to work it all out for yourself or attend expensive coaching!
The ‘1,181 Secrets’ in our brand new Video Master Class Collection do all of the above and more...
This collection has 1,181 video highlight clips hand selected from over 7,000 video recordings of me training over 100 clients just like you over the last 5 years in every single snooker topic imaginable - 170 neatly categorised topics to be precise.
Think of it as the ultimate reference bank and future time saver… allowing you to search for any topic you are struggling with, don't understand, or are simply curious about when you hear it mentioned on TV...

Watch this video now for a quick walk around to see what you will get...

The full list of 170 topics is listed below
(each contains around 6 quick videos)

Click on each to see the huge variety of topics on offer...

Hear what some of our satisfied customers said about their experience with the '1,181 Secrets Master Class Collection':

LG from Germany said:

“I get a warm fuzzy feeling that a world of Snooker knowledge is just a couple of clicks away.”

DN from Kent said:

“The Master Class Collections have something for all levels of commitment.

Every section of the videos makes me want to learn more, and it is easy to follow and go back to time and again if need be.

A very gifted player may need less coaching, but 99.9% of others can only benefit from these lessons.”

VL from Latvia said:

“All necessary information for those who want to learn or correct their playing skills is very meticulously organised. It is very easy to search for and clarify something important should you need to do that urgently.

You can also make comments and questions on each video, and get replies from Nic.

I can also see how others fix their problems and learn.”

SY from Leicester said:

"I have been to see Nic twice on a one to one basis, and enjoy his quality of, and approach to, coaching.

The Master Class collection is divided into categories of all the different elements needed to become a better player, and are very easy to navigate. The videos or high quality very clear and nicely laid out. They are genuine coaching sessions with clients, and this makes it unique because some of the questions the clients ask are probably questions we would have ourselves.

Although one to one coaching is very good, it can become expensive and sometimes we might not have the time to travel to a coach.

However the videos aren't a magic bullet they are guides to help you understand what is needed to take your game to the next level. They show you what to do and how to do it, they give advice and in some cases may challenge your thinking.

I would say to have this amount of coaching would cost thousands and thousands plus many years to do, however these videos save you all of that for a fraction of the price.

Each section is carefully organised and easy to navigate. All the elements needed are present and guide you to understand what is needed to take your game to the next level.

It’s a no brainer really.”

These clips are my best work on the table, and represent the cutting edge of snooker knowledge available anywhere

You can comment on any video to get feedback from other users, as well as getting replies from myself as I like  to see what clients are saying. 

If you took all these lessons yourself, they would have cost you well over £10,000 in one to one coaching fees.
You don’t have to do that now, because I have already done the hard work for you – and am offering the same information for considerably less in this special launch offer!

Purchased separately with life time access, the price of each of the Master Classes if purchased individually are below…

Technique Master Class: 370 videos: £247

Cue control master class: 256 videos: £247

Aiming & Potting Master Class: 169 Videos: £197

Positional Play Master Class: 242 Videos: £247

Break Building Master Class: 61 Videos: £97

Safety Play Master Class: 53 Lessons: £97

Psychology Master Class: 30 Videos: £47

Total if purchased separately: £1179

Purchased collectively, they are only £795 in our store

The Snooker Gym Master Class Collection


One-off payment


The Snooker Gym Master Class Collection

£295 x 3 installments

Pay in three monthly installments (£885 total)


Nic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the time the product saves you in finding its solutions yourself, and the benefits to your game from using this product… are not 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your investment in buying & using it… then please return it for a full no quibble refund within 60 days and we will remain friends.

Nic Barrow