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The Snooker Gym Video Encyclopedia:
10 Volumes (160 Videos)


Imagine the convenience of having your coach immediately available in your living room or on your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Think how easy it will be to access full details of any scene in the two content packed Free Training Booklets (75 pages each) included in The Snooker Gym Video Encyclopedia (10 Volumes)...

This Video Encyclopedia will be injurious to any limitation you may have thought existed in your game - only use if you want to play at the standard you always knew you wanted! 

NOTICE: Only purchase this when you are ready to play to your full potential in every area of your game, easily and effortlessly.


These videos are filmed with cameras USED BY THE BBC, edited with software USED BY THE BBC and put together by an editor that was USED BY THE BBC.

We also spent a fortune on lighting and had two cameramen on the go at all times. The net result was a cost of £12,000 for the whole job that nearly brought the company down in flames, but we REFUSED TO COMPROMISE IN ANY WAY!

In fact, the total production time for this set of videos is as follows:

  • 8 YEARS planning the project.
  • 8 DAYS filming it.
  • 8 MONTHS editing it!

Nic could have earned TEN TIMES MORE MONEY in this time with the business opportunities presented to him than he did in his coaching, but he knew this project HAD NEVER BEEN DONE, simply HAD TO BE DONE, and will NEVER BE DONE again as there is no one obsessed enough to take on a project of this size.

Further, Nic spared NO EXPENSE in hiring the best public speaking coaches money can buy (in one case attending 43 DAYS OF SEMINAR TRAININGS with a trainer who normally charges £10,000 a day) JUST so that you may watch and learn the information in the videos in an accessible, simple and memorable way.

In addition, because over the years Nic has taught every point in the 160 scenes of the Video Encyclopedia HUNDREDS OF TIMES to his many and varied clients, 80% of all the scenes were captured on film in ONE TAKE, with NO REHEARSAL. This means that you have a very simple and fluent description for all of snooker's fascinating points from someone who knows exactly what you want to hear to get the level of understanding you need.

(The scene that required the most takes was Nic's century break demonstration that he normally would have accomplished in two or three takes. But it was THE LAST SCENE TO BE FILMED, Nic hadn't practiced for nine months, he had just done eight straight days of filming ten hours a day, and it was 3am! Nic had to use ALL his persuasive powers to keep the cameramen on site, sitting on a ladder, holding a heavy camera, UNTIL THE BIRDS WERE SINGING, until finally on the 24th take the century break was captured for all to see!)

The end result is the TV quality production that we know you deserve.

Purchase the TSG Video Series now, and you will get the snooker education of a lifetime that you simply can not get anywhere else.

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Alfie Burden
, The 2009 IBSF World Champion  had these kind words to say about Nic and the time they spent together at the event:

"I would not have won the 2009 IBSF World Amateur Championships without Nic Barrow being here with me during the event. He has a massive knowledge of the game, a great ability to spot a players faults, and the keys to solve them. I also found him to be a calming influence who always says the right thing at the right time." - Alfie Burden

The Snooker Gym Video Encyclopedia: 10 Volumes
(160 Videos)

What if you could instantly access a video answer to any question you had on each aspect of snooker playing and coaching?

How would it be if these subjects were covered by 'The World's Most Successful Author Of Snooker Training Materials'?


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