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AimFrame Introduction


Using a patent pending measurement system plus 30 online bonus videos,
the AimFrame gives real solutions in one place for the following 3 major problems we have in snooker.

  1. Eye Alignment / Finding Your 'Vision Centre': Getting your eyes in the correct position above the cue... Within minutes, you will be able to ‘Set & Forget’ your optimum eye position above the cue and not need to worry about it again. You will then be able to see a straight pot properly – maybe for the first time in your life.

a.) How To Set Up your Technique To Allow Your Ideal Eye Alignment Position

b.) The Sighting Movements (Or ‘Eye Cue Action’) That Give You The Best Chance Of Recognizing Your Potting Angles.

2. Angle Recognition: The ability to ‘see’ before the shot if a ball is going in or not. In testing this product all over the world for three years, I found that even regular 100 break players often ‘misread’ the potting angles. The newer to the game a player is, the more often this misreading of angles happens. This means you have to cue badly to pot the ball. This angle recognition process is often complete within minutes for the shots players find most difficult eg

  • 'Blind pocket' thin cut black blacks
  • Pinks in the middle pocket
  • High thin blues in the middle pocket to open the pack
  • Long half ball 'shots to nothing'
  • 'Back to baulk' safety shots
  • Billiards, half ball, and other safety shots

3. Cueing Accuracy: With a very simple method for giving you perfect feedback on your cue delivery, you will experience what professionals do after any shot: The ability to diagnose whether you missed the ball because of aiming or potting. With many of having picked up cueing errors when we started playing, correcting these is vital even if your aiming is perfect.

We must first understand why the ghost ball aiming myth does not work perfectly, and will lead to missed pots all the time...

The following ghost ball video explains this


To measure this ‘impact throw’ on object ball contact, we built ‘Ronnie The Robot’ at great expense, and used it for months to test all different table and ball variables on three quarter, half, quarter, and one eighth ball contacts. In total, I took on two people for hundreds of hours to complete this research. The total cost of our research was around £20,000:

Cloth quality, speed and age.

Shots played at different angles to the nap.

Ball surface quality and cleanliness.

Professional tables/ club tables.

Cue ball backspin and top spin.

Unintentional side spin.

Speed of shots.

We also can confirm that ‘helping side’ (object ball running side applied to the cue ball to eliminate the friction between cue ball and object ball) does not work consistently so cannot be relied upon to improve potting. Therefore, a more reliable way to pot is with centre cue ball striking. This improves consistency because playing the wrong speed with any amount of side will swerve the cue ball differently to the path intended and result in a missed pot. We took these readings, incorporated them into the AimFrame measurement system, and I then tested it all over the world in my training classes for 3 years until I had confirmed that our measurements were correct in all the different conditions we face as players.

Please note: The AimFrame is designed for snooker/billiard balls used on full sized tables, all of which are 52.5 mm.

The Perfect Potting Robot


The AimFrame is incredibly simple to use…

Setting up AimFrame


Like learning to ride a bicycle with stabilisers,
the AimFrame FORCES you to learn what the perfect potting angle looks like! Nothing on earth has ever been able to do this before for you… until now!

How you use the AimFrame


What you will get after you have brought the AimFrame:

The AimFrame will be sent to you by Royal Mail.
You will immediately get an access to our Members Area to view your free bonus documents and videos.


Bonus 1: PDF document which you can download to any device and print.

• My 78 page 2005 book ‘Aiming, Sighting & Potting’ which sold for £14.95 and covers:

o   The 'Back Of the Ball (BOB)' and the aiming point
o   Where to aim the object ball in the pocket, and how to calculate this point
o   How to approach the shot to stay on the line of aim
o   Why thin cuts have less margin of cueing error than straighter pots
o   How Cliff Thorburn managed to play an impossible shot in a match at the Crucible Theatre

Eye movements and sighting, or how to form your ideal ‘Eye-Cue Action’. This is the magic link that sits between correct eye alignment and angle recognition...

o   The various options of how to move the eyes before, during, and after the cue actions, backswing and delivery

The 4 eye options during the backswing, which one most professionals adopt… and why

o   The 3 benefits of the ‘front check’, and 4 reasons that determine your optimum tempo at this moment

o   Whether it is best to be a ‘cue ball player’ or an ‘object ball player’

The 6 benefits and 2 disadvantages of being a ‘cue ball player’ (a player who looks at the cue ball when striking the cue ball)


Bonus 2: 30 Instructional Videos

(the cost of equivalent video elsewhere on the website is £24.95)

AimFrame - Basic: 5 Bonus Videos

  • Introduction
  • Disproving the ghost ball myth
  • The perfect potting robot
  • How to set up the AimFrame
  • Using the AimFrame

AimFrame - Advanced: 7 Bonus Videos

  • Using The AimFrame –
    • How aiming affects cueing
    • An aiming test
  • 5 secret keys to aiming
  • 2 hidden main reasons for missing pots
  • Learning positional play using the AimFrame
  • Understanding the 9 cue ball heights for positional play
  • Learning key shots
    • Those that frustrate players
    • High and low blacks off the spot
    • Colours off the spot

AimFrame – Professional: 18 Bonus Videos

  • Static cue alignment set up
  • Eye alignment / Vision centre explanations
    • The difference between preferred, dominant and stronger eyes
    • How to find your correct eye alignment and head position above the cue
  • What part of the pocket to aim at – and how to find it
  • Successful post shot diagnosis


The price of the AimFrame is £28.95 including worldwide shipping.


My complete satisfaction money back guarantee of course applies...
Here are testimonials from two players of very different standards.

Tony Young, from Hartlepool in England, was born with a vertical tilt meaning his brain disregarded his left eye as a ‘lazy eye’ in childhood. Resigned to 2D vision for the rest of his adult life, Tony met a vision therapist when he was in his 40's who helped him over two years get his 3D vision back. With much better (but totally different) vision, Tony’s snooker game collapsed and had been searching for a solution to his eye alignment and angle recognition issues for six years, still hoping to score his first 50 break...

Watch to hear how he solved both problems of his eye alignment AND aiming recognition within minutes…


Fakhrie Gierdien, South Africa’s number one ranked player, is a regular 100 break player (and great personality!). Listen to his story about how, in minutes, he corrected his problem with low quarter ball blind pocket blacks…

Learn Potting Angles In Seconds…
…With Nic Barrow’s AimFrame

The fastest, simplest way on earth to confirm or correct your:

Eye Alignment

Angle Recognition

Cue Delivery Diagnosis


(worldwide shipping is included)

Please note: The AimFrame is designed for snooker/billiard balls used on full sized tables, all of which are 52.5 mm.

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Nic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the time the product saves you in finding its solutions yourself, and the benefits to your game from using this product… are not 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your investment in buying & using it… then please return it for a full no quibble refund within 60 days and we will remain friends.

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