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Solve Your Aiming, Sighting & Potting Problems Once And For All – And Remove Your Doubt In The 9 Areas Of Advanced Aiming

The AimFrame Master Class addresses the following key areas to give you a professional level understanding of Aiming, Sighting & Potting. As you watch the videos, they are marked as complete so you can revisit the program in the future, and continue from where you left off. These videos make up part of the curriculum for The Snooker Gym level 2 & 3 coach certifications, and will mean you never need have doubt about this key area of the game again!

  1. The optimum cue position – 3 videos
  • How cues are designed to be held for optimum aiming
  • How to find your ideal cue hold position
  • The reasons for applying the same method on every shot you play
  2. Your ideal eye position above the cue – 10 videos
  • How to perform the eye checks that most coaches will miss – or perform incorrectly

Part 1 of the full range of eye checks you need… All Eye Checks - Ben K. - Part 1


  • The importance of backswing in aiming – often overlooked, many players don’t realise that this is the last hurdle to jump over in your overall aiming strategy.
  • How to perform an advanced vision centre test – using case studies from two separate clients
  3. How to approach the shot – 6 videos
  • A very simple practice you can do, that I have seen professionals benefit from

Watch Kev Fer go through this drill with Nic Stop & Go Exercise with Kev F.


  • A simple way to get your cue action started reliably at the beginning of every shot
  4. Eye movements during the ‘Eye Cue Action’ – 27 videos
  • Learn the two main eye patterns (‘Eye Cue Actions’) that players use
  • Find out which of the two options is best for you
  • The reason the Eye Cue Action is so vital to you as a player
  • The two options for cue action method as you approach the shot – both work with different professionals, but which one works best for you?...
  • The importance of the ‘Front Check’, why it stops many players improving, and how to find your optimum tempo in this key part of the game
  • The different Eye Cue Actions to choose from on the backswing, and how to find the best option for you
  • ‘Ghost ball’, or ‘back of the ball’ – which aiming method is best for you?
  • What is TOO MUCH time, or TOO LITTLE time, on the cue actions (or ‘feathers’)?
  • The correct breathing pattern that professionals use, and why they do so (almost all players below 60 break standard get this wrong)
  5. What to look at AFTER you play the shot – 16 videos
  • How, and why, to watch the balls properly after every shot
  • WHICH ball to watch, and WHEN, after every shot
  • How to build this vital re shot routine after every shot
  • Why you cannot improve as a player without getting this routine correct
  • What to do with eye patterns if you play a bad shot (the answer is the exact opposite of what most people do)

Part 1 of this discussion with my client Jeremy Post Shot Routine On Good & Bad Shots with Jeremy & Jim - Part 1


  • How to train yourself to properly apply the ‘Foto Finish’ that you pro’s do on TV (very few players below 100 break standard do this properly – even though they think they do!)
  • How doing all the above will help you learn as a player
    ♦  Self diagnosis methods to find the reason you missed
    ♦  Self prescription to find how to correct the reason you missed
  6. Middle pocket aiming issues – 5 videos
  • The dreaded ‘just off straight’ pots, and how to master them…
  • …once you can pot them slowly, try increasing the speed!
  • The general principles of middle pocket aiming
  • How to play shots into an ‘acute’ middle pocket
  7. Seeing these lessons applied in real training sessions – 36 videos
  • Using the AimFrame is real life sessions
    ♦  Using all the main learning principles that you will need to crack the toughest of pots you face (features both individual and group sessions)
  • The biggest mistake that most amateurs make with aiming, and why it is so destructive (even though they all think it really helps them!)
  • Why we ‘steer’ the ball toward the pocket like golfers, the reasons this is such a high tariff snooker crime, and how to stop this dreadful habit once and for all!

Part 1 of this two part session Angled Blue Steering with Mick T


  • Do you struggle with the following shots like so many other players? How to work on these key shots in such a way that the confidence you gain will spread to every thin pot in your game
    ♦  Quarter ball blues
    ♦   Half ball pinks in the middle pocket
    ♦   Low quarter ball blacks??
  8. Advanced aiming issues – 12 videos
  • How to train a player to pot a very frustrating ball that seemed impossible to pot – and the VERY weird way we managed to do it!
  • How Nic corrected his own aiming disaster in the 1990’s during his competitive years
  • How to aim with the cue ball close to the object ball
  • How to know if you have the wrong snooker glasses! With this wrong, you cannot progress properly in your game and it will be the cause of huge frustration

Watch the whole video here… Glasses options: wrong glasses side effects


  • More on the most common aiming errors amateurs make, and how to train yourself out of it
  • Thin cut pots with the object ball down the cushion
  • The very common mistake of hitting long pots wrong, why most players always hit these shots to the same side of the pocket, why we do it, and how to correct it
  • Do you struggle aiming with topspin, or is backspin aiming your bugbear? Learn how to feel comfortable aiming with both spins with this very simple drill
  • The two main reason people miss pots – and it is nothing to do with aiming meaning that most players have the wrong opinion about their aiming ability! Once you know this, you will see instantly your REAL aiming skills, and be able to correct them two or three times more quickly than before…
  9. Aiming and potting with SIDE SPIN – 9 videos
  • Assumptions for understanding side spin once and for all – only professionals and very good amateur players really understand this topic properly. And even then I have seen top pro’s get some of these points wrong… watch these videos and never make these basic mistakes again
  • The main side spin variables – this is quite simple…
  • Advanced side spin variable – this gets deep!
  • Cue ball path physics when using side (most players below 100 break standard get this knowledge wrong)
  • How cue ball HEIGHT effects the cue ball swerve
  • Assumptions of
  • Side spin aiming with short shots
  • Side spin aiming with different distances
  • Side spin aiming with long shots
Solve Your Aiming, Sighting & Potting Problems Once And For All –
And Remove Your Doubt In The 9 Areas Of Advanced Aiming


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