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Once and for all you can confirm or correct your:

Sighting / Vision Centre / Eye Alignment
Centre Cue Ball Striking
Cue Action (Straightness, Flatness, Smoothness)
Aiming & Angle Recognition
Rest Play

Nic Barrow’s Cue Action Trainer

The Fastest Way, To Perfect Cueing

Some of the benefits you get from the CAT can be viewed here:

'Confirm or Correct' you pre shot and on shot eye alignment and vision centre:

'Confirm of Correct' your cueing action with the use of perfectly relevant, accurate, and immediate feedback:

The secret hack that helps you get the most out of your Cue Action Trainer:

'Confirm or Correct' your potting and angle recognition within minutes:

'Confirm or Correct' your rest play - which for some players is their favourite thing to hate!:

Discussing the two most common doubts about the Cue Action Trainer.

Stealth Home Practice Mode!

Clive discusses his experience of making his first ton within a week of using the CAT.

We have saved £100 from our previous production cost by avoiding the use of a heavy and expensive case

We also discontinued the additional second set of four rollers that were on pre 2019 CAT models as it added cost and complexity.
These second set of rollers had stronger magnets but we found that they were hardly ever used because their value turned out to be minimal.

Here Is What You Get With Your Purchase:
CAT Base In Aviation Grade Aluminium
Small, Discreet, Lightweight Carry Bag
One Set Of Four Precision CAT rollers
Four Balls For Use In Mastery Mode
1 Allen Key To Change Washers
16 Washers Plus 1 Spare
1 Accessory Pouch


New: Four Levels Of Difficulty…

We have designed a new adjustable system which allows you four levels of difficulty on the CAT rollers

Watch the video for a demonstration…


Bonus Documents That Come With Your CAT Purchase

This gives the simplest overview of what the CAT helps you to do in your game, and why you have more in common with Ronnie O’Sullivan than you may think.

This came after many requests from players of varying standards who were not sure what CAT exercises were most appropriate for them.

This lists the most common problems I have seen players solve over the years when using the CAT, and which of the CAT modes and instructional videos to apply to each problem.

Split into 12 topics of the game, a selection of these common solvable problems are:

“I don’t know if my issue is vision centre, or centre cue ball striking, or cueing, or potting angle recognition.”

“I always hit balls to same side of the pocket.”

“I put unintentional side on everything”

“My stance, grip, cue arm, bridge, technique has problems.”

“My cueing, backswing, or delivery are not straight.”

“My cueing is jerky, stabby, snatchy, or I think I have ‘The Yips’.”

“I can’t see the potting angles on thin blues, low blacks etc.”

“I miscue when I play with top, screw, or side.”

“I am rubbish with (and perhaps, even, the worst player in the world with) the rest!”

This collection of recordings was of the launch day of the CAT, with the first 16 lucky owners in the world.
My mum, my wife, and I had spent about 60 hours each in the previous five days getting everything ready ‘Just In Time’… and I managed to stay awake when covering the following topics to the group:

The CAT Story, and how is came to be.

Thank you’s to vital members of the team (who were also there on the day including mum and ex fiancée – now wife - Fang) who made it happen, with an explanation of the role they played.

The world’s first public demonstration by me of all the available CAT Modes. This includes the moment the term ‘Divorce Mode’ was coined!

Buy now for October 2020 delivery

(which is a bit longer than normal due to Covid-19)

Cue Action Trainer (CAT)

The Fastest Way To Perfect Cueing

To give players from all cue sports peace of mind, we designed the Cue Action Trainer to work with the different cues, balls, and cushion heights found in English 8 ball / black ball pool, American 9 ball pool, snooker & billiards, carom, and Russian pyramid.

April 26th 2020: We have now sold out of this current CAT production batch.

Purchasing now will put you in the queue for the current CAT production batch which have an October 2020 delivery.
Purchasing now will also give you immediate access to your training video content which you can learn a lot from before receiving the CAT.

This advance payment secures your allocation for October 2020, and funds production which keeps the price lower than otherwise.

The current CAT production batch will be available for delivery in October 2020 (which is a bit longer than normal due to Covid-19).

This current production run of Cue Action Trainers includes a free personalised video analysis opinion from Nic… upon purchase, you will receive instruction on how to take video of your own game. Nic will view these, and prescribe for you the CAT exercises which will most benefit you. He will also point out any major flaws in your technique that could be improved upon…

Please place your order below depending on the country you are sending your CAT to…

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Nic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the time the product saves you in finding its solutions yourself, and the benefits to your game from using this product… are not 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your investment in buying & using it… then please return it for a full no quibble refund within 60 days and we will remain friends.

Nic Barrow


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