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Snooker Spex Diagnosis Process

One of the biggest causes of long term aiming and cueing frustration is having incorrect glasses or lenses which cause a lot of issues outside a player’s conscious awareness.

This can negatively affect not only your vision centre, but also neck comfort, body position, cueing arm straightness, and ability to see long balls clearly.

My recommended snooker glasses / spectacles provider is Chris Cheshire, founder of SnookerSpex in the UK.

Chris is the world’s leading cue sports glasses provider and can ship anywhere in the world.

He has supplied thousands of players, and as a further benefit understands snooker players very well – having made a 138 break himself.

You can learn more about Chris here:

So that Chris may best diagnose your individual needs, you will need to provide him with your eye prescription by email.
Please also let him know whether you use glasses, contact lenses (and exactly which type they are), or have had laser surgery and he can give an opinion on what may suit your individual situation best.

Please also take the four photos shown below so that Chris can give you some insight into what solutions may support your sighting, and long term enjoyment in the game. 

Please email your prescription and four photos to Chris here:

[email protected]

Just mention that you got the recommendation from me to ensure VIP service.

(I don’t get commission as I just want to recommend the best service).

 Nic Barrow

Founder - The Snooker Gym:

"We Train Frustrated Amateurs, To Beat Their Highest Break."


Measure distance between pupils with a tape measure or ruler.
As long as the tape is above the eyes, and camera in focus,
Chris can calculate the pupil distance.


Front on from the line of aim.


Side on from the cueing arm view.


From directly above the head and cue.