How To Beat Your Highest Break Within The Next Three Months.

Improve Your Aiming, Potting, Positional Play, Cueing, Technique, Concentration And Consistency Using The Following Free Material – All With Instant Access:

  • 12 video clips teaching you the key snooker basics as used by Ding Junhui and other pros
  • 6 video analysis films, including Ronnie O’Sullivan in a tournament winning frame.
  • 10 audio clips of interviews with world champion players and coaches, and of Nic coaching his clients
  • A membership area guide – with links to lots of other free multi media stuff…
  • The online red level of the ‘How To Make A 100 Break’ programme
  • The coaching forum with hundreds of previous coaching posts between Nic and other clients


About Nic Barrow

Nic started playing snooker at the age of 10 and recorded his maiden century at 16, his first 147 at 21. Soon after he turned professional, and competed for seven years – with a highest rank inside the world’s top 100 players.

Always inspired by snooker coaching, though, Nic Barrow Snooker Schools were formed in Oxford which led to his appointment at the age of 28 as UAE Head Coach based in Dubai where his team won gold medals in 10 international tournaments.

Nic stayed for 8 years, and in the meantime was contracted to run the International Billiards & Snooker Federation Coaching Academy in 2005, which involves certifying Coach’s, Master Coaches & Examiners all over the world for the IBSF.

During this time, Nic put together more books, video and other multi media content than any other coach to make him known as the world’s most successful author of snooker coaching materials.

His products have sold into 91 countries and, to date, he has visited 46 countries – and continues to travel the world with his popular classes for enthusiasts, amateurs, national teams and coaches.

Nic lives near Milton Keynes just North of London, where he continues coaching his one to one & group classes, creating new training products and certifying coaches.

If you want to learn more about training with Nic on your table or at his base in Milton Keynes, please click here

Nic Barrow won the 2014 APCTC Specialist Coach Of The Year Award – a prestigious trophy open to coaches of all disciplines (not only snooker) in the UK

Nic Barrow - Winning the 2014 Specialist Coach of the Year Award

Nic Barrow – Winning the 2014 Specialist Coach of the Year Award