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Top 3 New Year's Snooker Coaching Resolutions: Number 1/3

snooker coaching basics Jan 19, 2019

Do you have any New Year’s Snooker Resolutions?

If not, this week I will be offering The 2019 Top Three Snooker Resolutions that can help you get back to basics and enjoying the game a bit more.

With one resolution per blog post, I would be keen to hear feedback on each one and what effect they have in your game.


New Year’s Snooker Resolution number 1: 
Watch the balls properly, and in sequence.


Watching the ball is more important than potting the ball!

Most players don’t believe this statement… until they try it out. Especially with players who do not make regular 50 breaks (and very often with players who do), the fixation and obsession with potting the ball is so great that they lose focus of the PROCESS required to pot the ball. Part of this process is an effective post shot routine – which involves watching the ball all the way to the pocket (or to the cushion when you miss).

Most players spend more attention on the cue ball than the object ball – but it is key to remember that the cue ball IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (even with just a quick sneaky glance), until the object ball has hit pocket or cushion.

To help you stay down properly and watch the ball, try calling a word out in your head when the object hits cushion or pocket (eg ‘Done’) and then you know you are allowed to stand up from the shot. When you stand up, then transfer your eyes to the white until the white stops moving.

This way, you train your eyes to observe the full result of your shot which makes successful shots easier to memorize, and imperfect shots easier to diagnose.


Please reply if you have any questions or feedback…

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