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psychology Aug 10, 2017

A client in The Snooker Gym Community on Facebook recently posted the idea that: ‘If my wife was the game of snooker – I would divorce her because she is SOOOO FRUSTRATING!’

After many years of learning how to get out of snooker frustration in my own game – and get back to learning – I replied:

Snooker frustration is only possible if:
A) Your expectations exceed your skill level
B) Your skill level is lower than your expectations

The biggest difference between snooker players who can never make 50, and those who regularly make 60s/70s and higher is:
The lower standard of player will NOT watch the shot properly, and then judge themselves (positively by celebrating, or negatively by slating & berating themselves) if they do not get their objective. Therefore no self diagnosis or learning take place. So, the are more RESULTS focused.
The higher standard of player will place WATCHING the shot as a higher priority than POTTING the shot. Because they can then evaluate ball destination, and the quality of cue delivery... meaning they can then self diagnose, self prescribe to improve, and learn from every shot. So, they are more PROCESS focused.

Overcome this priority disorder that most lower standard players have, become humble to what the game has to show us, and learn the art of self diagnosis & prescription... and improvement will naturally occur.