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Snooker tips for lifting your ‘B Game’ – in a nutshell…

how to improve your snooker Jul 26, 2018

In snooker, you will be playing below average 50% of the time... the way to lift the standard of your bottom 50% is to:


  • Firstly learn to accept when you are in the bottom 50% without judgement. Most players refuse to let go of this judgement as their 'ambition/ego' does not want to accept they can play that badly.


  • Secondly then calmly diagnose your faults, do your best to prescribe ways to dissolve them, and apply those prescriptions to see if they work or not.


  • As you test your prescriptions and they become more accurate, you then have more data for getting out of your ruts in the future


  • Gradually, your bottom 50% will get better, lifting your 'B Game’.