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POSITIONAL PLAY | Mini Course 2/8: Side Spin Effects?!...

positional play Dec 09, 2021

 In this demonstration of whether side spin affects the cue ball path (OR NOT!), we cover:

  • Top priority – check where the cue ball hit the pocket
  • Where do you think the cue ball will go with top spin and R4?
  • It is very tough to pot centre pocket with side spin – which is my excuse in advance for not doing so!
  • Where most players think the cue ball will go when this shot is played • The three reasons the cue ball does not deflect from the object ball as much as most players think
  • The lesson from this video has 50% importance weighting in positional play knowledge: 
    • You can NOT deviate the cue ball from it’s path with side spin
    • If you have a straight pot just assume you are out of position and can only go backwards and forwards. 



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