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POSITIONAL PLAY | Mini Course 3/8: Side Spin Effects WITH ANGLES?!

positional play Dec 16, 2021

Does side spin change the cue ball path?

You cannot play side spin with +4 as you will miscue, so play these shots with

+3 usually gives the same top spin reaction as +4 unless you are playing a lot of speed in which case the +3 does not have time to turn into +4

You are liberated to know that all you need to do is go up and down the centre line of the cue ball for all positional shots unless you need to change the angle of the cue ball after it hits a cushion

Where most club players (mistakenly) think the cue ball will go on an angled pot with side – including answers that are physically impossible

As long as they believe this they will forever be applying side spin onto the cue ball to control its’ direction

As Jimmy White said: “Unless you are making regular 40 breaks, you only need to go up and down the centre line of the cue ball”



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