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A snooker analysis video… of Kengo’s foot!

technique Jun 27, 2019


As a further sample of content that will be available in our upcoming Founder Member offer for the Beat Your Highest Break Club: ‘GO From Where You Are… To Where You Want To BE’,

you may be interested in slightly strange, ‘off piste’, topic that I had no idea existed until I was appointed National Coach of the UAE based in Dubai back in 1999.

Until then, I had never seen anyone play snooker with bare feet – it would have been be a little strange to ask any of my clients to do this 😉

Upon arriving in the UAE, I came to see that all the players wore the traditional white ‘Kendura’ robe and sandals which allowed me to see their bare feet as they played.

How is ANY of this relevant to you?! Well, what I noticed is that a very high number of players MOVE THEIR FEET WHEN THEY PLAY THE SHOT!

This includes during the backswing, delivery and follow through… and sometimes even during the cueing up phase itself (if they have a particularly quick and choppy cue action).

This video - amusing as it is to me, my client Kengo from Japan whose foot it is, and hopefully you – also carries an incredibly important point….

…are you balanced, comfortable, and smooth enough in your action that you can play without clenching your feet or toes at any time?

Just pay attention to them one day for ten minutes when you are practicing – you can use what they do as a valuable feedback for your own balance and smoothness levels…