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Snooker Gem #5 💎 Backswing Tests: Tempo - Crescendo / Diminuendo

how to improve your snooker technique Apr 17, 2023

This is perhaps the quickest way to keep the cue on line and under control throughout your backswing - which in turn solves or dramatically reduces 80% of delivery errors.
This Snooker Gem will help you be more consistent cueing under pressure, and pot balls despite making other smaller mistakes.
Watching this video now will show you the ideas and skills required to keep the cue on line throughout the backswing.

If this is your first time seeing these Snooker Gems 💎, this is one of 54 “Snooker Gems: 1 Minute Building Blocks To Better Your Game … Guaranteed.” (being released on April 19th)

Each of the Snooker Gems were created to help speed up your mastery of the game - I have put in the 30 years coaching thousands of players across over 50 countries to work it all out… so that you don’t have to 😉

Early adopters of Snooker Gems find they are the simplest of prescriptions… to solve the biggest of pains.
Nothing like it has never been seen or released before.


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