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Snooker Gem #4 💎 Cueing Tests: Push Practice

aiming sighting & potting how to improve your snooker Apr 14, 2023

Watching Snooker Gem #4 Push Practice will make it easier to work out and self diagnose one of the main factors you’re not potting balls - off centre cue ball striking!
This Gem will help you judge your potting angles better and ensure you’re sending the cue ball in a straight line when you want to (rather than on a curve).

If this is your first time seeing these Snooker Gems, this is one of 54 one minute videos from the soon to be released “Snooker Gems: 1 Minute Building Blocks To Better Your Game … Guaranteed.”

Each of these Gems were created to help speed up your mastery of the game - because I have put in the 30 years to work it all out so that you don’t have to.

Most find that Snooker Gems are the simplest of prescriptions… to solve big pain.


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