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The Quickest Way, To Aim With Side… 3 Variables!

aiming sighting & potting Mar 24, 2023

In today’s 8 minute video we show you the quickest way I know of to learn how to aim when using side spin.
Most players get this stage wrong in a number of different ways which means they never get to enjoy using side spin to its full potential in their game.
This is a vital 100 break building block, and once you can make over a 40 break you must know how to use side properly to avoid unnecessary imitations in your game.

Let us know if this helps you in how to aim with side…

PS. This video is taken from a training course we recorded in 2014, so the mic and sound quality was not as good as we have today!
However, the content still is as valid as it was then, with the follow on from this video showing you how to apply this cue ball behaviour to actual pots 😉



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