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What to look out for in the 2022 World Championship Semi Finals…

other topics Apr 30, 2022

I thought I would share some observations you may benefit from when watching the four magnificent players left in the championships.

With Judd, compare how exciting a player he is, yet still religiously applies his pre and post shot routine… and ask yourself if YOU are that disciplined and repeatable at the table?!

With John, just marvel at the total commitment he applies to every single shot. This level of concentration does not come naturally to most human beings and it is something that we need to build up - like going to the gym to get bigger biceps over time. If John is 100%, what percentage of that effort do YOU put into every shot? ;-) If it is not 100%, just resolve to improve your score 1% a week….

With Ronnie, when watching him it can help to mentally float into his cueing arm and imagine moving the cue at that same tempo on backswing and delivery. You can even go so far as to hold the cue in your hand when sat on your sofa and mimic the cueing tempo of each of the players. It is surprising firstly what you can learn from this, and secondly the reactions you can get from family members!

With Mark, admire again his pre shot routine (although he is getting up from the shot quicker than he used to!), but also how relaxed he is when walking around the table and taking the cue back - very loose, no rushing, same tempo all the time.

On the playing tempo topic… ask yourself if you speed up when you start playing better, or slow down under pressure for example. What we want is total consistency at all times in this regard even if it feels uncomfortable to do so.


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