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Your New Year Snooker Coaching Resolutions – updates, feedback, and ideas… (Part 3)

snooker coaching basics Feb 21, 2018

3. Focusing on cueing more than aiming

Here is feedback from Dennett N, in Canada

Thank you, Nic, for putting into words these very helpful insights that you have acquired during your many years of experience. Based on my own 50-year love affair with Snooker, I agree with everything you‘ve said here, especially your emphasis on the crucial and overwhelming importance of straight cueing.

Here was my reply:

Yup - but most snooker players new to the game are so fixated on the result of potting the ball that they cannot see beyond that to the far more important process of cueing. Ironically, the better they get, the less they are fixated on the result and the more they let go and trust... accepting it much more so when they miss. The better the player, the less they judge themselves – and observe curiously what happened – when they miss.


Here is feedback from Keith…

Hi Nic , just a quick update the improvement in my potting and cue action was more or less immediate after following the tips in the 1st yrs snkr resolution email, for some reason it seems to have freed up my follow through and I have also noticed I am not gripping the cue as tight , it shows just how much we seem to forget to do the basics and just a little nudge in the right direction re focuses the mind, looking forward to the follow up resolution's and thanks again for a very timely gem of wisdom,

Cheers Keith


Here is one from Lim: (realising that cueing, not aiming, is the problem)

Hi Nic,

Sorry for late reply, because I just finish practicing. As what you said in email, try to focus more on cueing than potting, I have tried it and it did increase the accuracy and potting rate.

I tried to play every ball by this way: stand behind the cue ball and looking for potting angle. Once getting down, I try to focus on putting the cue straight to the cue ball and make sure the cue tips is pointing to the centre of cue ball. When feathering, try to keep the cue in my grip hand, the tips and the centre of cue ball in a straight line. Once everything is OK, then play the shot.

I'm not sure if this method is correct or not, but by this way, it does increase my accuracy. Thank you very much for your tips.


Sean found his email to be the most significant and valuable email he has received in the last 12 months!

Subject: Re: Top 3 Snooker New Year Snooker Resolutions: Number 3/3 – focus on cueing more than on aiming

Thanks Nic!

That is the single most significant and valuable email I've had in 12 months!!

Perfectly logical too.

Keep up the good work. Regards,Sean.

I replied:

Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2018 at 12:01:

Goodness me – I am delighted to hear that!

Does this ALSO include all NON SNOOKER emails?!?!

Yes – the balls are feedback devices to tell us what the cue has done

Snooker is little to do with balls – everything to do with cueing

Sean replied:

Date: Thursday, 1 February 2018 at 12:05:

It does indeed!

It just reminded me that as I play at my local, this is what I'm actually trying to achieve. I just didn't realise it, and you have put it into understandable words that anyone who plays can relate to.

Thanks again. Very helpful. Regards,Sean.


Simon, a scientist from England said:

Date: Thursday, 1 February 2018 at 20:47

Subject: Re: Top 3 Snooker New Year Snooker Resolutions: Number 3/3 - focus on cueing more than on aiming

Dear Nick,

I like the clarity of your thinking processes your spot on. It is down to CAUSALITY. The initial movement is cue striking ball - determining angle of path (potting angle or not), initial velocity and the addition of any spins (vertical and/or lateral) everything else is a CONSEQUENCE



Finally, Keith concluded…

Hi nic ,

I like the 3rd resolution it goes hand in hand when you're cueing well your playing well, I've tried to improve my cue action ie smooth and with a nice follow through and definitely when I'm cueing well the balls invariably are going in the pocket, another gem .

Cheers Keith.