Snooker Lessons By Nic Barrow

Improving Your Game, With Nic Barrow.

  • To individuals of any standard, and groups.
  • For juniors, or seniors.
  • In the UK, and abroad.


Do You Want To Solve The Problems In Your Game,
And Find These Solutions?…

  • Winning More Against Friends And In Competitions.
  • Beating Your Highest Break.
  • Getting Better Around The Blackspot.
  • Rest Play, Playing Off The Cushions, And Other Difficult Situations.
  • How To Plan The Shot Before You Get Down.
  • How To Aim And Pot The Ball.
  • How To Move The Cue Straight.
  • How To Control The Cue Ball And ‘Screw Back’.
  • How To Get More Consistent.
  • How To Be More Confident.
  • How To Concentrate Better.

Training Facilities

What Type Of Coaching Can I Get?

In addition to normal 1 to 1 coaching, Nic is also experienced in these environments:


Video Analysis



Junior Class 1998



Winning Gulf Cup in Dubai



Snooker in Schools, Bahrain



Master Coach Certification



Exhibition in Iran, 2002



Group Coaching In England


Your Questions, Answered…

What type of player can be coached?

  • Junior players, absolute beginners, club players, amateurs, professionals, captains of industry and even royalty are catered to with equal care, attention and enthusiasm.

How many players can get coached at the same time?

  • Whether you are an individual on your own, coming with a friend or wish to from a group, I can offer the exact package that you need.
  • If considering groups, up to 4 players per tables is ideal up to 8 players on 2 tables.
  • If you have more players than this in a group, you can:
    • Split into groups of 8
    • Go up to 16 players across 4 tables
    • Keep to groups of 8 on two tables, but make separate time slots for each group
    • Most group work takes one day, although weekends are also a popular option
    • If you have a national team (or teams) that need work, this can also be arranged

How long does the coaching last?

  • The shortest sessions are for one or two hours.
  • If travelling for over an hour then half a day or one day makes better use of your time.
  • Weekend or full week packages are also available.

Where can I get this coaching?

  • You can travel to my base in Milton Keynes (one hour North of London, England).
  • Alternatively, I can travel to your home or club in the UK.
  • Students from abroad attend trainings frequently, and usually find a one week package to be the best overall value.
  • As an experienced traveler, I am comfortable travelling to all continents to deliver trainings.

Some examples of my coaching…

Please click on the following links for some examples of me with students…



Break Building:


Cue Control:

Your Training Venue In Milton Keynes.


  • Your training venue is my home club that is situated in Milton Keynes, which is off junction 14 of the M1 motorway.
  • This is about 45 minutes car drive north of London, or 80 minutes by coach from Heathrow airport if you are travelling from abroad.
  • You will be provided with a full set of directions, including maps, to the club whether you are travelling by planes, trains or automobiles.

Room privacy

  • The private match room itself is at the back of the club and is totally undisturbed.
  • There are no widows from inside the club looking into the match room either, so no one is able to watch your coaching session.
  • You are welcome to bring any guest that you like, and I am happy for them to stay in the room during our session if they want to. There is no cost for this from me or the club.


  • It is ok to eat any type of food in the room even if it has not been purchased in the club, so you can bring your own sandwiches and a drink if you like.
  • Alternatively, there is a choice of stores and food outlets adjacent to the club for you to choose from.


Milton Keynes Snooker Club – Bar area and coaching/match room.

Your Coach’s Brief Biography…

  • Nic enjoys working with players who have yet to make a 20 break, juniors, improving amateurs, and all the way up to world champions.
  • Nic made his first 147 in 1990, and played professionally for the next 7 years, ending with a career high rank in the world’s top 100 players.
  • Inspired by snooker coaching, though, Nic Barrow Snooker Schools were formed in Oxford which led to his appointment at the age of 28 as UAE Head Coach based in Dubai.
  • Nic stayed for 8 years, and in the meantime was contracted to run the International Billiards & Snooker Federation Coaching Academy in 2005, which involves certifying Coaches, Master Coaches & Examiners for the IBSF.
  • During this time, Nic put together over 1,000 pages of snooker coaching manuals, 100 hours of snooker coaching video and enough other multi media content to make him the world’s most successful author of snooker coaching materials.
  • This content formed the basis for the website
  • In 2010, Nic’s company The Snooker Gym Ltd become the only training company in the world to offer courses for coaches offering approval from both the IBSF and WPBSA (World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association)



  • Nic lives near London, continuing his one to one coaching classes, creating new training products and certifying coaches the world over.


What Happens In Your Coaching Session?

Before your booking

  • If you are clear you want to go ahead, please pay for your day on the web site at or by contacting me for pricing and date availability.
  • If you would like to talk with me to clarify your needs and diagnose what your real problems in the game are, please use the contact details at the end of this information sheet. You will then have a clearer idea of whether time with me is appropriate to your situation or not.

Before your training

  • Once you book in your date, you will be provided you a questionnaire for you to fill in. This will help you focus more clearly on what you want so that you will go away at the end of your time together feeling you have answered everything you want.
  • The most difficult issues are what I enjoys dealing with best, so it is important you think big when building your ‘shopping list’ of what you want to get out of your training time.
  • You may also receive some content or other video to review before your session depending on whether that will help your preparation.

Structure of your training

  • The day begins with an informal talk to get comfortable with your surroundings and each other.
  • We will then discuss a little bit more detail about what you want during the training, planning out a map of action for you.
  • To warm up, you will then play for a few minutes on your own while I watch you play.
  • I then takes notes on what I see, and will formulate a list of what needs work in your game – it is interesting that this diagnosis period can often give markedly different answers to those provided by the player in their questionnaire!
  • I then prioritise these topics in order of importance and benefit to your game.
  • You then start training, taking rest breaks as appropriate to keep mind and body fresh.
  • If appropriate to your situation, we will then play a frame or more with you to confirm how you are applying the lessons learned, and to help with shot selection and strategy.
  • Trick shots can also be performed if appropriate EG with groups, juniors or on TV.
  • As appropriate, I will also demonstrate certain shots as valuable learning points for you.
  • Assuming the video camera equipment is available, you will have the opportunity to view your game and technique from angles you may not have seen before. Slow motion is also a feature on my video equipment, and this gives crystal clear video images of your cueing action and delivery.

After the training

  • After you have finished your training, I will provide a written summary of the key points you have worked on.
  • This helps free your mind to concentrate in the training time on what you are working on, rather than trying to remember it all!
  • It also means you don’t have to come back unnecessarily to cover the same points over and over, and that the next time you come back you will be able to work on higher level issues than in your first training.


Option 1: Dartfish Video Analysis

    • After capturing video from your one to one session, I can provide you with a full video analysis of any or all parts of your game.
    • This will use the on screen marker tools, slow motion, forward/reverse video function, screen comparison with archive shots played by myself, plus my audio commentary to describe everything you need to know about your game for your long term reference.
  • Dartfish Video Analysis has been used by TV for the Olympic Games, and in dozens of sports by hundreds of sports National Governing Bodies and a select number of private coaches.
  • You can also upload video to Youtube or my website in three simple steps for me to analyse your shots and technique for you.
  • To help you with this, you can get a free guide by email from me called ‘How To Film Your Snooker Technique’ – this will give you the way to film your game so that I can best analyze what you do.
  • Here are some samples of Dartfish Video Analysis for you to watch and learn from before our day, but also to decide if such an analysis would work for you.
  • Here are the 3 links for you to study before you arrive:
  • The cost is an extra £195, and if you allow me to use your analysis to add to my library that other website members can view, the cost is just £95.
  • You can pay on the day or beforehand if you wish…
  • Your video will last from 45 minutes to maybe 60 depending on what we cover on the day – but it will take me about 3 hours to complete.
  • I will do that within a few days after our training.

Option 2: Skype / Telephone / Email / Youtube Support

  • A combination of discussion, written instructions and questions answered by email, and me viewing specific shots of your own game on Youtube can help you reduce the time to reach your targets.
  • On an hourly rate, this support can be given to you before and/or after your session.
  • If you are unable to travel to see me or bring me to see you, this support package is an excellent way of improving your game on a regular basis.
  • Combined with a one to one session together, you can keep your progress on track even more accurately with this support package.


“I would not have won the 2009 IBSF World Amateur Championships without Nic Barrow being here with me during the event. He has a massive knowledge of the game, a great ability to spot a players faults, and the keys to solve them. I also found him to be a calming influence who always says the right thing at the right time.”
Alfie Burden, 2009 IBSF World Champion


‘Nic, your snooker coaching DVDs are the best money I have ever spent on snooker.

And I’m now just amazed at the cue power I am getting after watching them.’
David Rhodes, West Yorkshire – England.


‘Your snooker software video analysis is the best instruction I have ever received’.Warren Bennett, Birmingham – England.


‘The forum (in the Bronze Membership) and every part of The Snooker Gym is already the best in the entire world!
So we need to aim higher to THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!’
Chris, Plymouth.


‘Out of all the business and management courses I have attended, your IBSF Master seminar is the best I have ever attended.’
Michael Kreuziger – Austrian Head Snooker Coach.


‘The IBSF Master Course is simply perfect.’
Mohamed Ali – Head Snooker Coach, Bahrain


‘I’ve got Joe Davis’ book and Eddie Charlton’s book, but I’ve gone 100% over to using your books, Nic. You’ve saved me years and years of back pedalling with your very simple teachings.’
Alan Buckingham, Geelong, Australia.


‘The safety practice routines Nic Barrow helped me with were a major factor in winning my IBSF World Amateur title in 2011. Nic’s knowledge and experience in dealing with pressure was also vital in being able to win the final of my world title 10-9 on the black.’
Hossein Vofei, 17 years of age – Iran.
Youngest ever IBSF World Men’s Amateur Champion
(taking away the record of Jimmy White that he set at the age of 18).


hossein‘The IBSF Master Coach training was invaluable in helping me guide Hossein Vofei through the toughest pressure points and emergency situations in his IBSF World Amateur Championship win in India in 2011. The exercises in this training mirrored exactly the situations Hossein Vofei and I went through on the final day of the event – as the score was 10-9 on the final black it is fair to say that without these player management skills we would probably not have come away with the World title.’
Kamran Shahla, Head Coach & Manager – Iranian National Team.





‘Before the 2002 IBSF World Amateur final that I won, Nic gave me some mental keys to use that helped me deal with the tough parts of the match. His understanding of the psychology of the game can also help you play more of your best snooker, more often and in more difficult situations.’
Steve Mifsud – 2002 IBSF World Champion



How Much Does It Cost, And How Can I Pay?

  • Prices for all options of training vary according to the package your game requires.
  • Please contact me using the details below to help you clarify exactly what you need, and what the various options are for you to reach your targets in the game.
  • After a friendly chat, you will then know the best way forward for your game.


To have a free one to one consultation with Nic about your game, please complete this Personal Player Profile and return to me to see if we are the correct fit for each other.

We can then discuss this either through email or on the phone and I can then give you a personalised solution and quotation based on your own individual needs.

This may include being eligible for our VIP Monthly Membership program which reduces coaching rates considerably…




Bear in mind that I offer the best coaching with the fastest learning, not the cheapest.

In fact, the ‘cheapest’ coaching will often be more expensive in the long run as you may end up going backwards instead of improving as quickly and easily as possible.

So it could be expensive not to come to the training.

You will avoid the hours, months and decades of frustration that I went through in my own game by attending this training… and these lessons will last you a lifetime, especially with the unique video recording option on half day sessions or more.

If you value your time, and want to improve your snooker – this training is for you.

Rather than paying the full rate for a one off session, I have an option for a set of three ‘Monthly Membership’ sessions which will help you install the ideas we work on for the long term.

Please contact me for prices and training options

I also offer Monthly Membership which carries the following benefits:


-You will get monthly practice routines to complete, based on your own personal circumstances and game requirements.

-Ability to call me if your game is in an emergency state – this emergency service is normally chargeable and should get an answer within 24 hours – and immediately if I can do.

-Priority response to email and other communications.


-A greater chance to win ‘The Snooker Gym Player Of The Year’, due to your performance being higher than clients with less intensive training.

-You may be invited for exclusive product evaluation sessions (subject to confidentiality agreement), previews and pre-launch events –

for example to evaluate a brand new product, or have the ability to purchase them before anyone else.


-Priority date booking in front of other non Monthly Membership clients.

-When I reach my maximum available number of Monthly Members, you will always have the option to renew in front of prospective members who put themselves on the waiting list – even if the price has increased.


Special discounts on products brought in the training room than non Monthly Membership clients.

-As long as you are in the Monthly Membership programme, the fees for training will never increase.

-If you recommend another client into the Monthly Membership programme, you BOTH will receive a further 10% discount off your fees for your next three MM sessions each.

Video Recording:

I have broadcast quality video and sound recording equipment in the training room, and will take a separate video for your reference on each topic that we cover.

The videoing option takes no time away from our training (other than pressing start and stop on a remote control for each training topic), but is not available for two hour sessions – only for 4 hour or full day one off or Monthly Membership sessions.

A 4 hour session will normally generate 6-8 major topics on your game, with a full day normally giving 10-14.

Here is a sample of what the video will look like – and there will be one for each of the topics we do during our time together.

Cue ball control with object ball near pocket: Different potting angles, different spins, and the trampoline shot…

Each video file would be dated, numbered, and named for your ease of future reference.

I will then send you a download link of all the videos the same or next day.

This means we don’t need to cover old ground again in any future session, making your investment much more cost effective.

You can either pay £25 per day for the video filming option, or allow me the option of using selected clips from our training to be used in future products I make/ or very occasionally my Youtube channel.

Alternatively, you don’t have to keep the video at all, in which case I will delete the clips and there is no charge for me having recorded them.

This service is unique in snooker, and many clients have said that it doubles the value of the session because they get so much benefit when referring back to the videos at any point in the future.

How To Pay:

To book a session, I need a 50% deposit – or some clients pay the full amount immediately if you prefer to get the full payment out of the way now.

You can pay by card, or by PayPal (to: [email protected] ) – sending it in PayPal as ‘to a friend’ rather than ‘for a product or service’ is sometimes an option and will save a 5% PayPal fee.

Or by the most popular method: internet bank transfer.

In this case, the bank details will follow upon application:



Summary of coaching experience:

1. Contact Nic to discuss options.

2. Question & Answer process with Nic to get more clear than ever before on what you want in your game.

3. Decide number of hours or days required.

4. Decide whether Dartfish Video Analysis is required

5. Decide where the coaching will take place, whether it’d be your home, club or country or in Nic’s base in Milton Keynes.

6. Make full payment (or deposit) in advance to reserve the dates.

7. The Coaching Experience.

a. Nic starts by making a multi point check on your game – a copy of this document will be given to you to keep.

b. What to work on in the time available is then prioritised.

c. We then go through each point one by one.

8. Nic provides written notes of your session for future reference – as part of lesson cost.

9. Nic provides practice routine schedule for you to get maximum benefit from training – as part of lesson cost.

10. Providing you do the practice routine schedule agreed upon (or if you don’t practice, the simple rules to apply when you play games), Nic will provide a questionnaire and follow up telephone call to help you further.

Note – it is by following these agreements after your training where a lot of your improvement will occur.



Nic BarrowNic Barrow’s 1,000% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you do not feel that the time the product saves you in finding its solutions yourself, and the benefits to your game from using this product… are not 10 times (1,000%) more than the value of your investment in buying & using it… then please return it for a full no quibble refund within 60 days and we will remain friends.
Nic Barrow